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Supporting Decision Makers With Data

Institutional Research, Planning and Effectiveness (IRPE) is a major source of official data about the University. It has a shared responsibility for the development of campus administrative databases, as well as for database information management and analysis. The Office conducts studies and survey analyses to support campus management.

For information on Enrollments, Degrees Awarded, Retention, and Course Planning:

Note: UAlbany departmental chairs and program directors, as well as school/college deans and their designated staff have access to the BI. For questions about this data, please contact Jeff Gerken, Interim Director of IR, ([email protected]). A tutorial PDF is available for help using the BI system.

Data Resources
Common Data Set

Albany's responses to the Common Data Set (CDS). The CDS was developed through collaboration among publishers of college guides, colleges and universities, representatives of higher education organizations, high school counselors, and the National Center for Education Statistics. Many of the items and definitions in the Common Data Set are being used on the surveys of several major publishers. The goal of CDS is to improve the comparability of data reported by colleges and universities, and to ease each institution's burden by asking questions in a standardized way on numerous surveys.

Employee Diversity Excel Files

The Employee Diversity Data files count the number of state payroll employees at UAlbany by race/ethnicity and gender categories used by Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS). The data is presented within Excel files, where the first tab in each file is a database, and subsequent tabs are reports using the Excel pivot table function.

Student Achievement Measure

A new way to track student graduation outcomes is published by the Student Achievement Measure (SAM). SAM is a collaborative effort of six national higher education associations and has been endorsed by nine prominent national higher education organizations.

SAM reports undergraduate student progress and completion by tracking students who enroll in multiple higher education institutions. Usual measures of student progress and completion, including government-led efforts, usually underreport student achievement because they do not account for an increasingly mobile student population.

The outcome graph below provides a measure of student success which is more useful than the Federal graduation rate. The federal graduation rate currently tracks only first-time, full-time post-secondary students.

The following SAM graphs illustrate the progress and completion rates of both UAlbany full-time freshmen and UAlbany full-time transfer students over six years.. They include the outcomes of students who subsequently enroll in additional institutions.


First Time, Full Time Bachelor's Students Starting Fall 2017



Chart showing student achievements for First-Time Transfer Students Starting Fall 2017




University Administration and Staff

University at Albany Organizational Chart (PDF)