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Surveys at UAlbany

Coordinating Surveys Across the University

It is continuing policy that all survey and focus group activity involving UAlbany students, faculty, staff or alumni must be coordinated with the Office of Institutional Research, Planning, and Effectiveness (IRPE).

To conduct a survey complete the UAlbany Survey Request Form. You can also view the schedule of UAlbany survey projects. If you have any questions or need help conducting a survey contact us at [email protected].

Review the University policy on conducting surveys at the University

  • This policy applies even when you are surveying within your own unit of the University.
  • It applies even to surveys and focus groups used only internally for assessment purposes.
  • Exceptions are surveys: (1) used only for course evaluation or teaching purposes; or (2) involving the Psychology 101 student pool.

Obtaining Approval for Surveys of UAlbany Populations

To begin, contact UAlbany's Office of Regulatory Research Compliance to determine whether your survey or focus group activity requires IRB approval.

If you are going through the IRB process, please forward electronic copies of all the files you are submitting to the IRB to IRPE at UAlbany's Office of Institutional Research, Planning & Effectiveness (IRPE), at [email protected] and fill out the UAlbany Survey Request Form.

If the IRB determines that you do not need their approval, please fill out the UAlbany Survey Request Form and contact IRPE as soon as possible to begin the process of coordinating your survey.

Qualtrics Survey Tool

Qualtrics is available to all UAlbany faculty, students and staff in support of learning, teaching and research.

Note: If your survey project requires Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval you will need to include the use of Qualtrics in the review. You can read the Qualtrics terms of service.

Log onto Qualtrics and click <Launch Qualtrics.>
Please review the FAQ section for instructions before you launch Qualtrics.