DS2019 Request EForm

DS2019 Request EForm

Before submitting the EForm please carefully review the invitation procedures (including documentation, funding, and fee requirements).


Creating an AccessISSS Account

If you do not currently have an account in the AccessISSS system please request account access. Account access to request a DS-2019 is only granted to University faculty and staff who will be submitting the DS-2019 request on behalf of the prospective scholar(s), not the prospective scholar.

To request an account for a new user please contact Tara Evans at [email protected].


Submitting the DS-2019 Request EForm

Login to the AccessISSS online system with your UAlbany NetID (ex: AA123456) and password.
You will first need to "Add a New Person" and then submit the "Departmental Request for Form DS-2019."  We have provided a step-by-step guide for how to complete these two requests.
This EForm will ask you to upload supporting documents, including the Part B Fillable PDF Form with all required signatures; a copy of the prospective scholar's passport, proof of English proficiency and proof of funding. If you need assistance please review the File Upload Instructions webpage.
All updates related to your EForm will be communicated over email. Please allow up to 5-7 business days for processing.