Library & Information Services / School Library Media Specialist

A student must be admitted to the LIS/School Media concentration in order to qualify for New York State certification through the University. A student may request admission to this concentration after enrolling with a different initial concentration.

Required Courses
Education Requirements
Field Experience and Internship
General Education Core
NYS Certification Requirements

Required Courses

  • IST 523 Fundamentals of Information Technology (3) [or approved substitute as advised]
  • IST 571 Literature for Children (3)*
  • IST 578 Literature for Young Adults (3)*
  • IST 601 The Information Environment (3)
  • IST 602 Information and Knowledge Organization (3)
  • IST 603 Information Processing (3)
  • IST 605 Information Sources and Services (3)
  • IST 608 Research Methods (3)
  • IST 668 Internship (6) [Prerequisite: 100 hours of field experience]
  • IST 673 Technology in School Library Media Centers (3)* (previously 523L)
  • IST 675 Curriculum and Supportive Resources (3)*
  • IST 676 Administration of School Media Centers (3)

(* These courses will include field experience assignments.)

One 3-credit elective in the Department of Information Studies or other academic units as advised. With prior approval, you may use one 3-credit graduate education course for both an M.S.I.S. elective and education credit.

Education Requirements

A minimum of 15 education credits, including the following content areas, for students who are not currently certified teachers:

Human Development/Social Concerns in Education (3 credits)
Language Acquisition/Literacy/Reading and Writing Instruction (6 credits)
Curriculum and Instructional Design/Program Development (3 credits)
Enhancing the Learning of Students with Disabilities (3 credits) -- such as ESPE 560 and ESPE 460

Courses may be either undergraduate or graduate level. Any courses other than those provided on the list of U Albany courses (including those from other institutions) must be approved by a School Media faculty advisor.

Field Experience and Internship

A minimum of 100 hours of pre-internship supervised field experience is required and will be completed through class assignments in the following school media course sequence: IST 523 (School Libraries), 571, 578, 675, 676. Alternate arrangements will be discussed with the student’s advisor and/or internship coordinator. Field experience must be divided equally between elementary (K-6) and middle/secondary (7-12) schools. At least one-half of the field experience will be completed in high-needs school districts.

Two supervised school media internships of 150 hours each, one elementary (K-6) and one secondary (7-12) must be completed to fulfill MSIS/school media degree requirements. One of these must be in a high-needs school district. A minimum of 24 credits must be completed prior to the internship and should include courses that include field experience (listed above). Internships may be completed consecutively in one semester or in two separate semesters.

There are some approved alternatives to school-based field experience and internships for eligible students. Please click here for details.

General Education Core

General education core – college-level study in the liberal arts and sciences in each of the following: Artistic expression, Humanities, Communication, Written Expression, Information Retrieval, History or Social Science, Language other than English (Including American Sign Language), Scientific Processes, Mathematical Processes.

NYS Certification Requirements

  • Completion of the General Record Examination (according to the Education Transformation Act of 2015)
  • Completion of a NYS Registered Program - Library Media Specialist
  • Institutional Recommendation - Library Media Specialist
  • Passing Score on the New York State Teacher Certification Exams:
    ALST, EAS, and the content specialty test for Library Media Specialists.
    NOTE: Plan ahead; the NYSTCE is only given a few times a year.
  • Child Abuse Recognition and Prevention Workshop (two clock-hour session)
  • School Violence Prevention and Intervention Workshop (two clock-hour session)
  • Completion of application for New York State certification at the end of last semester of coursework.
    Instructions and Forms are available at: and in Draper 113.
  • Fingerprinting for criminal history background check (OSPRA)

Candidates applying for certification on or after May 1, 2014 or candidates who applied for certification on or before April 30, 2014 but did not meet all the requirements for an initial certificate on or before April 30, 2014, will need to apply for edTPA. Refer to these links:

The DASA "Dignity for All Students Act" workshop is a graduation requirement for ALL students completing a teacher/leader/psychologist prep program (even if they are completing a Professional only program) starting this May**

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For additional information on NYS requirements, please consult the NYS Teacher Certification web page at For Certification walkthrough, visit