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Holly Neville


Ph.D. Anthropology, University at Albany - SUNY (In Progress)
B.A. Anthropology, University of South Florida (St. Petersburg, FL), 2015
B.A. Humanities, University of South Florida (Tampa, FL), 2007

Research Interests
I enjoy studying the place where "art" meets "archaeology" to add context to historical culture and the way it changes over time. I became interested in the Maya due their complex hieroglyphic system, iconography, and architecture, which are beautiful representations of their worldviews and political histories. I have studied hieroglyphics and calendrics in various 2D and 3D media from the Classic Period of Maya culture to the Contact Era, including a lot of work with the Madrid Codex. In my graduate studies at Albany, I plan to look at changes in the Maya writing system across time and space as found in the archaeological record, as well as the way these manifest in variations on mythology and worldview among the Maya up to the Spanish Conquest.

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