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Collin Gillenwater

Email: [email protected]

Research Interests

My name is Collin Gillenwater and I am a Mesoamerican Historical Archaeologist. My previous research has focused on both material agency and production/consumption patterns of early colonial households in western El Salvador. Presently, I’ve grown increasingly interested in understanding shifts in rural political economies from the Late Postclassic to early colonial period Mesoamerica. My methodological tendencies involve spatial analyses, implementation of GIS, and household activity interpretations that call for ceramic, lithic, and landscape analytical approaches. I tend to align my theoretical orientation through class structure within the world system context of contact period and early colonial Mesoamerica. My professional experience accounts for four seasons of academic field work, two seasons of contracted cultural resource management, and artifact curation at the Illinois State Museum. I am currently working on a Ph.D. at SUNY Albany.