IMS Research

Research Projects by Associates

Archaeology Projects

Marilyn A. Masson: The Economic Foundations of Mayapán, Yucatan

Maya Life in Early Colonial Yucatan

Verónica Pérez RodríguezThe Cerro Jazmin Archaeological Project

Robert M. RosenswigSan Estevan Archeological Project

Soconusco Archaeological Project

Belize Archaic Project


Ethnographic Projects

Robert M. CarmackCentral American ethnology and teaching projects

Louise Burkhart: Pictographic catechisms from colonial Nahua Mexico

Passion Plays of Eighteenth-Century Mexico

Walter Little and George Aaron Broadwell: Day of Triqui Culture in the Capital District (more information on our Events page)


Linguistic Projects

John Justeson and Terrence Kaufman, Co-Directors: Project for the Documentation of the Languages of Mesoamerica

Project Papers for Download