IMS Awards

The Christopher DeCormier Memorial Scholarship

The Christopher DeCormier Scholarship is an internal award for Student Associates of the Institute for Mesoamerican Studies, at the University at Albany. While most of the Student Associates are in the department of Anthropology, associates from other departments are welcome to apply.

Applications for Spring 2019 are now open. Applications can be sent to by Friday, March 29th, 2019.

To learn more about the 2018 recipients, click here.


Information about the application

Three copies of the proposal should be submitted. Proposals should consist of the following:

  • Application Cover Page: available in the IMS office, Arts and Sciences (AS) 233, or available for download here.
  • Project Description: This should be a short description (two to three single-spaced typed pages) of the proposed project. It should describe the research problem, give the theoretical background of the research, specify objectives and methods, provide a statement of the anthropological significance of the project, and state how the research relates to your degree program and other research you have done or plan to do. Please add a bibliography of one or two pages.
  • Schedule and Budget: On one page, provide a proposed schedule of activities, a budget of expenses, and a statement of actual and potential additional sources of funding for the research.
  • Curriculum Vitae: Attach a current curriculum vitae.

Criteria for selection include the scholarly value of the research project, its relevance to Mesoamerican anthropology, the level of professionalism demonstrated, and the relationship of the project to the student's degree program.

Past applicants are encouraged to apply again. Applications should be submitted to the Institute for Mesoamerican Studies (AS 233) or the IMS mailbox (AS 236), including a digital copy in PDF to