Central American ethnology and teaching projects

Robert M. Carmack, Professor Emeritus, UAlbany.

I continue to participate in the affairs of IMS and the Dept. of Anthropology, and remain a committee member of a couple of doctoral committee. I remain active, doing fieldwork in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica. My recent publications include being editor of a monograph on a Guatemalan community (La comunidad maya k'iche' de Santiago Momostenango); a world history in Spanish (Sistemas de dominación en la historia del mundo); an in press English version of the same book (Anthropology and Global History).

My current research project is a new translation of the Popol Wuj with notes by James Mondloch and myself.  Mondloch does the translation, Professor Emeritus Robert Carmack the historical and cultural notes. Our version will be presented at the University of New Mexico in March; in Guatemala at the Universidad Landivar in June, and again at the Congreso sobre el Popol Wuj in November. Dr. Carmack is also in the process of contributing to and editing two new Mesoamerican community studies, one on Santa Cruz del Quiche, Guatemala; and one on Masaya, Nicaragua.