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Past Conferences/Workshops

2014 International Symposium on Environment and Health (ISEH 2014). July 4-5, 2014, Peking University, Beijing, China

Pacific Basin Consortium for Environment and Health: The 16th International Conference of the PCB. August 2015, West Java, Indonesia

Pacific Basin Consortium Webpage:

The AIHce2014 + Stewardship Conference: Evolution & Journey to a Safer Tomorrow.
May 31-June 5, San Antonio, Texas
Presentation on baseline water testing:
Presentation on PCBs in Construction:

The Central and Eastern European Conference on Health and the Environment: The Environment - A Platform for Health. May 25-30, 2014, Cluj-Napoca, Romania


International Conference on Environmental and Occupational Health 2014 (ICEOH 2014). April 7-9, 2014,  Putrajaya, Malaysia


Brochure: ICEOH_2014_Brochure.pdf 

Environmental Health 2011: Resetting Our Priorities. Feb 6-9, 2011, Salvador, Brazil

SETAC North America 31st Annual Meeting: Bridging Science with Communities, November 7-11 2010, Portland, Oregon

ISEE/ISES 22nd Conference: Technology, Environmental Sustainability and Health,  August 28- September 1, 2010, Seoul, Korea

The 12th International Conference of the Pacific Basin Consortium is tentatively scheduled for October 2007 in Beijing, China. 
Please check the PBC website for updates regarding this conference

Workshop on Children's Environmental Health in Central Asia and the Middle East: Capacity Building and Networking Among Selected Countries June 14-16, 2006 Almaty, Kazakhstan

This workshop was held as a result of collaborations from a previous conference held in Almaty , Kazakhstan , in 2005. At the closing session of that conference, one of the summary speakers proposed that a regional association be created to promote cooperation among the government officials, academics and public health scientists from the various countries that participated in the conference. This organization was named the Euro-Asian Association for Children's Environmental Health. At the conclusion of this workshop, a constitution and set of by-laws were generated and approved, and officers were elected.

A number of short- and long-term goals identified by the group. Indicators of the status of children's environmental health from each of the participating countries will be placed on the website to promote more standardized data. A major goal proposed is that each of the participating countries, which are members of the Association, develop and produce a national profile as a systematic evaluation designed to obtain available information that is relevant to the environmental health of children as a first step in determining the needs to be remedied. A number of long-term goals were also identified including the development of analytical capability for measurement of toxics, greater coordination and cooperation among the different countries, and better coordination of non-governmental organizations operating in the different countries. A third major goal was to provide training and education on the role of the environment in affecting the health of children to the medical health care community, the government, and the general public. Presentations.

The 11th International Conference of the Pacific Basin Consortium: 
Threats to Human Health and Sustainability in the Pacific Basin: Environmental Pollutants and Climate Change.
September 4-6, 2005 Honolulu, Hawaii.

The conference was the eleventh in a series of international meetings organized by the Pacific Basin Consortium. The conference is an international research and policy meeting with the primary objectives of: (1) presenting research related to characterization of environmental pollutants, human exposure to pollutants, the health effects of exposure and the latest advances in hazardous waste remediation; (2) increasing interdisciplinary cooperation in addressing regional health/environment issues, and (3) discussing strategies for reducing risks to human and environmental health in the region. In addition to focusing on the interface between environmental pollutants and human health, the conference will also specifically address issues of hazardous waste management practices that protect human and environmental health in the Pacific Basin, and the impact of such global environmental issues as climate change, air pollution and health of the oceans. To view abstracts and presentations, please visit the PBC conference website at

Children's Environmental Health in Central Asia, CEHCA - 2005
April 25-28, 2005, Almaty, Kazakhstan

This conference brought together professionals concerned with children's health in relation to the environment for the purpose of sharing information on the environmental threats to the health of children, promoting interventions that will reduce the burden of children's disease, promoting collabortions within the region and with public health professions in other parts of the world, and assisting in the search for funds to support research and other activities that promote children's environmental health. Through publication of the proceedings of the conference a major objective is to bring the concerns about children's health in this region to the attention of the rest of the world. Agenda and presentations. 

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