Airline Hospitality Program

The IELP provides an intensive language and culture program with a focus on Airline Hospitality English through classroom learning, experiential learning, task-based projects, internships, poster presentations, hands-on training, and real-life scenario exercises with field-based learning trips and excursions to local, regional, and international airports.

The following classes, internships, and activities can be customized for your group! For more information, contact Cathleen C. McCarthy, IELP Acting Director, at [email protected].

Local and Regional Partners

The UAlbany campus is located in Albany, the capital city of New York. Local partners for this program could include the following:

  • JetBlue Airlines (the 6th largest airline in the US)
  • The Albany International Airport
  • Discover Albany Tourism Desk at Albany International Airport
  • Discover Albany Information and History Center at Quackenbush Square

Core Classes and Electives

Classes for Airline Hospitality Program
Airline Hospitality English
Airline Hospitality English Internship
Tourism English

Real-Life Security and Safety Taught by Experts

The Airline Hospitality English Program can include training in areas such as safety and emergencies:

  • A tour and overview of Airport Safety and Passenger Security
  • EMS Workshop from the Airport Firehouse
  • The role of Certified Therapy Dogs to calm and delight passengers
  • Basic hands-on training for safety and health in areas such as CPR and First Aid
  • Tour of Control Tower and the Perimeter of the Airport

Internships as Airport Ambassadors

Airport internships can be arranged for at least two hours per week as volunteer Ambassadors. Airport Ambassadors play a key role in assisting passengers throughout the airport including the following areas:

  • Pre-Security Check-In
  • Visitor and Information Desk
  • Concourse A, B, and C 
  • Airport Business Center, Community Room and Interfaith Prayer Room and other areas

Academic Field Trips

The Airline Hospitality program arranges visits to both regional and international airports.  Possible planned trips include the following:

  • Operations in Albany at the Albany International Airport
  • Operations in NYC at J.F.K International Airport or the Boston Logan Airport

Contact Us

For more information, contact Cathleen C. McCarthy, IELP Acting Director, at [email protected].

Five Japanese students in uniforms pose near the JetBlue Airline counter at Albany International Airport.