Special Programs

Four students with backpacks walk through the Massry Center for Business, which is a glass modern building on UAlbany's Uptown Campus.


Custom English-language Programs

The Intensive English Language Program (IELP) works with universities, businesses, government agencies, teachers, researchers and students to offer custom programs.

Programs are designed to meet each group’s goals and objectives, with language, culture and academic services available for delivery online, in person in New York State or in person around the world.

If you're interested in a custom program, please contact IELP's Acting Director Cathleen McCarthy at [email protected].

Airline Hospitality Program

The IELP provides an intensive language and culture program with a focus on airline hospitality English through classroom learning, experiential learning, task-based projects, internships, poster presentations, hands-on training, real-life scenario exercises, and field-based learning trips, including excursions to local, regional and international airports. The classes, internships and activities can be customized for your group.

UAlbany's Uptown Campus is located in Albany, the capital of New York State. Local partners for this program could include JetBlue Airlines, Albany International Airport and Discover Albany.

Core classes and electives for the Airline Hospitality Program including Listening & Speaking, Airline Hospitality English, Airline Hospitality English Internship and Tourism English.

The Airline Hospitality English Program can also include training in safety and emergencies, including on topics such as:

  • Airport safety and passenger security, including tours of the control tower, airport perimeter and security operations

  • Emergency medical services, including hands-on instruction in CPR and first aid

  • Certified therapy dogs and how they assist passengers

Airport internships can be arranged, with participants volunteering as Airport Ambassadors for at least two hours per week. Airport Ambassadors play a key role in assisting passengers locate check-in desks, visitor and information desks, concourses, business centers, community rooms, interfaith prayer rooms and other important areas.

The Airline Hospitality program arranges visits to both regional and international airports, such as Albany International Airport, JFK International Airport and Boston Logan International Airport.

Business Executive Programs: Professional Certificates from the International Business School (IBS)

Earn a professional certificate from the IELP's Business Executive Programs, which is offered in partnership with the International Business School (IBS) Americas International College. Study business topics with UAlbany professors and improve your business English with our English as a Second Language (ESL) specialists.

This program is a good match for students with a major in business and young international managers and is located at UAlbany, SUNY, in Albany, New York. The three-week program is offered in summer and winter.

Participants gain practical insight into the American socioeconomic environment, deepen their knowledge of management through training sessions with UAlbany business professors and visits to local companies, and earn a certificate by actively taking part in 90% or more of the project activities.

The program has three components:

  • Business seminars and workshops

  • Business english study

  • Company visits (such as General Electric, Regeneron, Transfinder, Vicarious Vision and Wealth Advisory Group LLC)

Participants in the Executive Management Program can earn certificates in:

  • Marketing

  • Project Management

  • Financial Management

  • Strategic Thinking

Participants in the Business English Program can earn a certificate in Business English First.

Learn more by visiting the IBS Americas website.

Online Programs for Groups & Cohorts

The IELP has conducted online ESL training for students, teachers and medical professionals from Syria and Iran. Available English language levels for the online program include:

  • Low Intermediate English

  • Intermediate English

  • High Intermediate English

  • Low Advanced English

  • Advanced English

All levels focus on reading, listening, communication and writing. All participants must take an online English language placement test.

We also offer online ESL for groups upon request. Courses can be customized for different dates and times. Here are just a few of the courses we have offered:

  • English for UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

  • Language, Culture, and Leadership

  • English for Science & Engineering

  • Presentation Skills

  • Academic Listening & Speaking

  • Academic Vocabulary

  • American Culture & Film

  • Business English

  • Conversational English

  • English for Public Health

  • TOEFL Preparation

Programs for College & University Groups

College and university group programs can be customized to meet areas of interest, special features, time frames, budgets and groups of all sizes. Some of our unique options include:

  • English for specific purposes

  • Specific field trips

  • Community service projects

  • Company visits

  • Cultural exploration of the northeastern United States

  • Customized capstone projects and activities

  • Homestay or on-campus housing

All participants who successfully complete one of our special programs receive certificates of completion from University at Albany, State University of New York (SUNY).

Training Programs for Teachers: Intensive English Teacher Training

With experience in providing top-level teacher training to university professors and English language teachers from China, Indonesia, France, Iraq, Egypt, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Peru, Rwanda, Togo and Vietnam, we serve real educators' needs and help them develop necessary skills. Here is a sample of group programs we can provide:

  • The Counterpart Program: Short training programs for professors of any discipline area with a focus on English for publications, presentations, and teaching subject matter, along with counterpart meetings with UAlbany professors and the opportunity to watch UAlbany professors teach.

  • Teacher Training for Teachers: Workshops and seminars include Key Concepts of Language Teaching; Teaching Approaches, Methods and Techniques; Best Practices for teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL); Teacher Training Development; Communicative Language Teaching; Classroom Management; and Cultural Patterns of Language Learning.

Groups with a Purpose: English for Specific Purposes (ESP)

In addition to teaching general English, the IELP specializes in special group programs that focus on areas like English for engineering, science and technology, business, international relations, and more.

Engaging ESP field trips can be arranged. Some of our unique ESP program features include:

  • English for your specific purpose

  • Specific ESP field trips

  • Research and service projects

  • Company and university visits

  • Cultural exploration of the northeastern United States

  • Customized capstone projects and activities

  • Homestay or on-campus housing

Group Programs for Government & Business

UAlbany has long-standing successful relationships with Ministries of Education and companies around the world. We work one-on-one with higher education ministers, administrators and executives to create custom programs for employees, educators and management teams.

Short Courses during Summer & Winter

The IELP offers short courses during the summer and winter sessions. Courses are subject to change depending on enrollment.