Housing Options

You are responsible for making your own housing arrangements, which includes applying for housing well in advance of your arrival date.

The IELP does not make housing arrangements for students but we offer this information to help you find the right fit for your needs.

Generally, IELP students have three options for housing:

  • On-campus Housing: Live on campus in a residence hall or apartment with other UAlbany students. Visit the Residential Life website to explore housing options, room rates and sign-up information.

  • Off-campus Housing: Live off campus in an apartment by yourself or with roommates. Visit the Off-campus Student Services webpage to access the Off-campus Housing Marketplace and advice for renting an apartment in Albany.

  • Homestay: Live off campus with a local family, experiencing American home life and culture. Visit the OvECS Ltd. homestay company website to learn more about homestays and how to sign up.

Campus meal plans are also available for students who live on or off campus.



A double on-campus bedroom, with two twin beds, two desks and two chairs. One student sits at a desk and another sits on the bed, smiling and laughing together.



If you need temporary housing while you are arriving in or leaving the United States, you may need to book a hotel. Albany.org offers a list of hotels near the University and a list of local restaurants.

IELP is located on UAlbany's Uptown Campus, which is located at 1400 Washington Avenue, Albany, NY 12222.

There are several hotels and restaurants located within walking distance of campus on Washington Avenue and Western Avenue. There are also several hotels and restaurants located near Crossgates Mall in Guilderland and on Wolf Road in Colonie — both of which are a short drive or bus ride from the University.

Note: The IELP provides this information as a resource for students. IELP and UAlbany do not endorse any specific service provider and are not responsible for service providers' acts, errors or omissions.