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About the Program

How does the IELP work?

Classes are offered in 8-week sessions. There are five 8-week sessions offered throughout the year. Students take a placement test and enroll in the number of sessions necessary to achieve their desired English language level. Currently, five levels of English are offered, from pre-intermediate to advanced.

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Language Levels*

Graphic of a stairway with 7 steps. Each step corresponds to a Level in the IELP: Basic 1, Basic 2, Intermediate 1, Intermediate 2, Intermediate 3, Advanced 1, Advanced 2.

*Currently, the IELP offers 5 levels of English beginning at the Intermediate 1 level.

Short-term Study Available

In addition to 8-week sessions, if students are interested in shorter courses, the IELP offers ten 4-week sessions throughout the year.


Full-time students study 20 hours per week, which includes two core classes and one elective course.

Core Courses (16 hours)

  • Listening/Speaking (8 hours per week)
  • Reading/Writing (8 hours per week)

Elective English Courses (4 hours)

  • Elective courses include Business English, English for Science and Engineering, American Pronunciation & Accent Reduction, Conversational English, Grammar, Academic Vocabulary, American Film, American Music, and more.

Part-time students can choose to study 4–16 hours per week.

Conditional Admission to Undergraduate Programs at UAlbany

IELP students who successfully complete the IELP program are NOT required to provide a TOEFL or IELTS score for admission to ALL Undergraduate programs. Download more information.

Conditional Admission to Graduate Programs at UAlbany

IELP students who successfully complete the IELP program are NOT required to provide a TOEFL or IELTS score for admission to SOME Graduate programs, including the following:

  • MBA
  • MA and PhD Economics
  • MS and PhD Physics
  • MS Geographic Information Science
  • Master of Regional Planning
  • MA Geography
  • MA Liberal Studies
  • MS Biodiversity, Conservation and Policy
  • MA and PhD Latin American, Caribbean and US Latino Studies
  • MA and PhD Anthropology
  • Educational Policy and Leadership 
  • Albany Law School - Download a flyer about conditional admission to Albany Law School!
  • MS Educational Psychology and Methodology

If your Graduate major is not listed here, please contact the Graduate program directly. Some Graduate programs will accept conditional admission. Download more information.

Who is eligible:

  1. Students who meet the academic requirements of the desired degree program
  2. Students who do not have the required TOEFL or IELTS score

To learn more, visit Conditional Undergraduate Admissions or Graduate Admissions.           

Conditional Bridge Admission in One or Two Semesters

Students with a 61 iBT, 5.5 IELTS, or 85 DuoLingo can place into the Advanced 1 Level of the IELP. Students with a 32 iBT, 4.5 IELTS, or 70 DuoLingo can place into the Intermediate 1 Level of the IELP.

Pre-Placement Scores for Conditional Admission

Intermediate 1 32-42 4.5 70
Intermediate 2 44-52 5.0 75
Intermediate 3 53-60 --- 80
Advanced 1 61-64 5.5 85
Advanced 2 --- --- ---
UAlbany Direct Admission - Undergraduate 70 6.0 95
UAlbany Direct Admission - Graduate** 79 6.5 110
*Each IELP Level is 8 weeks.
**Some Graduate programs may require higher test scores. Contact the Graduate program for more information.

Choose your Pathway Program into UAlbany

1. Fast-Track Pathway with Conditional Admissions
The fastest way for conditionally admitted IELP students to enter the university is to complete the IELP successfully at the Advanced 2 level. This is the most common pathway through the IELP and into UAlbany. Visit Undergraduate Admissions to learn more. 

Students may also receive pre-placement in the IELP at the Advanced Level with submitted scores of 5.5 on the IELTS or 61 on the iBT. Conditionally admitted students can finish the IELP in just one semester and then enter UAlbany for Undergraduate studies.

2. Guided Pathway (Starting your Academic Program with guided support and services while an IELP student)
IELP provides a chance for students to take an academic class as advanced IELP students for one semester for credit with assistance, support, and guidance from IELP faculty. Contact [email protected] for more information.

3. UA-USA Experience (Concurrent Enrollment)
Another popular pathway is for IELP students to be concurrently enrolled. Current Enrollment allows non-degree students to take IELP classes and UAlbany courses at the same time to experience the American University educational system. Contact [email protected] for more information.

4. Academic and Language Skills Boot Camp
This four-day intensive course is designed for International Students who will begin their academic studies at UAlbany in the fall or spring. Students learn the key skills that promote success in university study for a broad range of majors. 

Information in Your Language

Learn about Housing Options

Your campus - your home! Welcome to New York, Albany, UAlbany, and the IELP.

Learn about housing options on-campus and off-campus
Students have many housing choices: UAlbany residence halls (dormitories), home stays with American families, and off-campus apartments. Download a summary of housing options.

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