University at Albany

Immunization/Health Requirements

UAlbany students must satisfy the following health requirements prior to registration.

1. COVID Vaccine Mandate: All UAlbany students are required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Those students taking fully online classes and not coming to any UAlbany campus must complete the Fully Online Exemption Form to avoid submitting vaccination proof. Visit the Vaccinate UAlbany page for more information. 

To be considered fully vaccinated, individuals must satisfy all three of these requirements: 

  1. You must have received all required doses of a World Health Organization (WHO) approved COVID-19 vaccine.
  2. At least two weeks needs to have passed since your final shot. 
  3. You must have submitted verifiable proof of vaccination to UAlbany Student Health Services. 

2. MMR Immunity: New York State Public Health Law requires college students to submit proof of immunity to the diseases measles, mumps and rubella (MMR). See MMR Requirement for more information.

3. Meningitis Requirement: New York State Public Health Law requires college students to receive and acknowledge receipt of information on Meningitis. Students must read the Meningitis Disease Fact Sheet from the New York State Department of Health then log in to MyUAlbany and select the Meningitis link under the Required Agreements section.

4. Required Health Form: The Required Health form must be completed by the student and does not require a physician evaluation. The form is found at the Pending Forms link on the Student Health Portal. The student will be notified if other tests are necessary to satisfy the Tuberculosis requirement. See Tuberculosis screening for more information.

5. Permission to Treat Under 18: This form should be submitted for students who are under 18 years of age.

You may submit your required health documentation the following ways:

  • Student Health Portal (Students will have access a couple days after their deposit is processed)
    • Select “Document Upload.”  
    • Under Document Type, select “Immunizations/Tuberculosis records” 
    • Upload a copy of your immunization records.  Note: The file must be a JPEG, TIFF, PNG, PDF, BMP or GIF and is limited to 6MB.  
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Fax: (518)-442-5444

Fully Online Exemption Form

To avoid having to submit MMR immunity/COVID-19 vaccination records, students enrolled in all fully online classes who are also NOT residential students and who are NOT using campus facilities and services in person at any point during the semester may complete the Fully Online Exemption Form stating that you will NOT come to the UAlbany campus at any point during the semester. This form is available through MyUAlbany at the following link: Fully Online Student Exemption. If your situation changes and you have to come to campus, you will have to submit proof of Covid vaccinations and MMR immunity before coming to campus. Please note this form is required, by the semester deadline, EACH semester you are eligible to register, will be fully remote and have not submitted proof of Covid vaccination and MMR immunity.

MMR Requirement

For measles, otherwise known as rubeola -- 2 doses live measles vaccine administered after 12 months of age and at least 30 days apart (exact dates of vaccinations are required) or results of a blood test which shows you are immune to measles (copy of lab report must be provided).

For mumps, 1 live dose mumps vaccine administered after 12 months of age (exact dates of vaccination is required) or results of a blood test which shows you are immune to mumps (copy of lab report must be provided).

For rubella, also known as German measles -- 1 live dose rubella vaccine administered after 12 months of age (exact dates of vaccination is required) or results of a blood test which shows you are immune to rubella (copy of lab report must be provided).

We will accept any one of the following documentation as proof of your MMR immunity:
a) A copy of your immunizations (including vaccination dates) on an official government/school/physician letterhead which includes the office's printed name, address and telephone number — the simplest place to obtain this may be from your personal provider or your most recently attended college or high school (they tend to keep immunization records longest); OR
b) Have a IgG Measles, Mumps and Rubella blood test to confirm immunity. Please note: a copy of the lab report must be submitted.
Please note that the documentation must be in English and must have students name and date of birth.

Tips for Locating Old Immunization Records

MMR Religious Exemption

Students requesting a MMR religious exemption will need to fill out and submit the MMR Religious Exemption Request. The student may be asked to provide additional information for approval of a religious exemption. Please note if a student who was approved for a religious vaccination exemption later withdraws from the University and applies for readmission or has a break in studies (not including summer), they will be required to reapply for a vaccination exemption or submit proof of full vaccination. 

Tuberculosis (TB) Screening Requirement

All UAlbany students are assessed for the risk of TB (Tuberculosis) through submission of the Required Health Form. The form can also be completed online at the Pending Forms link on the Student Health Portal. Not every student needs a tb test. Once the form is processed the student will be emailed if additional steps are required.

The most common risk for TB is exposure in a TB endemic country, a country known to have a high rate of TB. This includes most Eastern Mediterranean, African, Asian, Central and South American countries.

If you have  spent over 4 weeks in any TB endemic country within the past 5 years you must have a TB blood test (QuantiFERON or T-Spot only). We recommend any required TB test be done and results submitted before arriving at UAlbany. TB blood test results must include the lab test report. The report must be in English and include student name and date of birth.

The only exceptions are:

  • If you have received a full course of treatment for Tuberculosis with TB medications
    • You will need to provide medical documentation confirming the start and end dates of treatment and medications prescribed.
  • If you had a blood test that reveals a previous positive response
    • You should submit the QuantiFERON Gold or T-Spot lab report. The lab test report must be provided in English with your name and date of birth.
    • In addition a chest x-ray must be performed no sooner then 6 months prior to your arrival on campus or as soon as possible after a positive test result and a report copy provided, in English with your name and date of birth

A registration hold will be placed on your record if this requirement has not been satisfied.

Additional Medical Information

Though not mandatory, it is recommended that all incoming students currently being treated for any chronic medical or psychiatric conditions see their medical providers prior to college entrance for evaluation of their anticipated medical needs as well as appropriate medication refills. Any medical summaries (or other pertinent information) that incoming students, parents or medical practitioners view as appropriate for inclusion in the student’s UAlbany Student Health Services medical record can be sent directly to Student Health Services.