University at Albany

Sustainability and Climate Action Plan Goals

The Six Goals

Goal 1: Ecological Literacy

Prepare UAlbany students to address 21st century sustainability challenges by integrating ecological literacy and the UN Global Goals into the curricular and co-curricular experience

Goal 2: Impactful Research

Enhance our current sustainability research strengths and increase the number of faculty and students participating in organized research specific to the UN Global Goals

Goal 3: Equal Access

Foster an inclusive learning environment through equity and eliminate physical and financial barriers in our curricular and co-curricular opportunities

Goal 4: Community Leadership

Cultivate and strengthen community partnerships focused on the UN Global Goals and communicate UAlbany’s sustainability story to recruit and engage students, faculty, and staff

Goal 5: Carbon Neutrality and Climate Resiliency

Reduce our overall carbon emissions by 10% from the university fiscal year 2017-2018 and develop a contingency plan for threats posed by climate change

Goal 6: Culture of Sustainability

Institutionalize administrative processes, governance practices and social networks, that will steward the planet and support well being in campus operations and services

Shown in the draft goals

Draft Goals