University at Albany

Our Regional Environment

The Capital Region and surrounding area is rich in natural resources and conveniently located to an abundance of beautiful spots to enjoy nature.

Agriculture and ecotourism play a large part in the economy of upstate New York. Preserving our natural resources and ensuring the sustainability of our farmers is a key concern for our area. It's important to learn and understand how changes in our climate could affect us environmentally, economically and socially.

Without the wild bees that hang out all around us and pollinate our crops and gardens, we would have far less food to eat. Without all the debris-eating creatures, from microbes to ants, worms, and beetles we would be surrounded by accumulating dead stuff. Wildlife of many varieties abounds and can be visible (or remain invisible) in and around the Capital Region. So, when you add all this up, on an average UAlbany day, all of us are intimately connected to the outdoors.

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