University at Albany

Sustainability Coordinators

The Sustainability Coordinators program gives university employees the opportunity to work with the Office of Sustainability on UAlbany Green Scene initiatives. Coordinators meet to discuss university-wide sustainability programs and give feedback to the Director of Sustainability. All coordinators complete a training on the current campus initiatives. Past projects include Earth and Wellness Day, Green Workspace Challenge Certifications, Terra Awards and the Office Composting Program. 

The majority of the original initiatives and goals set by the 2006 Sustainability Task Force have been completed. This semester, the Sustainability Coordinators will be embarking on a UAlbany Sustainability Plan to set new goals for the future. 

We hope that at least one person from every area of the is university represented. If you don’t see your area listed below and you would like to join, please contact the office at

We have a created a Sustainability Coordinators Circular, a monthly update on events, professional development programs, volunteer opportunities and available recognition and certifications. Please feel free to share it with your colleagues, or post it in a common area.

Current Sustainability Coordinators