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Student Opportunities

The UAlbany Green Scene is a coalition of various student organizations, faculty and staff groups that is coordinated by the Office of Sustainability. Students have multiple opportunities to stay informed and play a role in our efforts.

Ways students can get involved in the Green Scene:

  • Follow the UAlbany Green Scene on Social Media; @ualbanygreenscn: Instagram, Tik Tok, Twitter, Facebook; UAlbany Office of Sustainability on LinkedIn

  • Sign up for the LIVE green weekly emails. Request to be added via this link or email us at [email protected]

  • Join a Green Scene affiliated student group via the My Involvement platform. Groups include UAlbany Students for Sustainability, Albany Outreach for Animals, United Nations Association-USA (UNA-USA), UAlbany Chapter of NY Water Environment Association, UAlbany Young Democratic Socialists of America, Students Stopping the Trafficking of People, Democracy Matters, UAlbany Mutual Aid, UAlbany Outdoors, or the Ski and Snowboarding Club.

  • Join one of our affinity groups:

    • * Eco-Reps: Students can play an active role in making change on campus by becoming a peer educator on sustainability. Participants receive specialized training on sustainable practices to create educational material, conduct presentations to student groups, and manage our programs throughout the academic year.
    • * Zero Waste Advocates: Reducing our waste is a top priority on campus. This group helps to educate others and foster institutional changes to reduce waste.
    • * Clean Energy Conservation Corps: Each fall students can get trained in energy conservation and weatherization skills applying those skills in their homes or apartments. If interested in joining any of our affinity groups, email us at [email protected].