University at Albany

Recycling on Campus

The University has several recycling bins located throughout the podium, quads and academic buildings. On-campus residents are given a large recycling bin to hold items in their suite. Students must then bring these items to the appropriate collection spot. Recycling is available for the following items.

Mutli-Compartment Bins

Mixed paper

Drop-off locations are in the trash room for on-campus residents. Offices should be equipped with bins near copiers and mail areas. Multi-compartment bins are available near the LC's, quads and podium.

Recycling Bin


Mixed Paper refers to all office paper, cardboard, envelopes (even those with windows), notebooks, and cereal and frozen food boxes. A certain level of metal is acceptable because the processing plant magnets that can pull this out. Therefore, you can recycle items with staples or paper clips and even wire bound notebooks. Pizza boxes are ok too, as long as they are not contaminated with a large amount of grease and/or cheese.


Commingled Bins

Commingled items

Drop-off location is in the trash room for on campus residents. Offices should have bins in their break rooms. Multi-compartment bins are available near the LC's, quads and podium.

Commingled items consist of all items made out of plastic, aluminum or glass as well as all juice/milk cartons (both plastic and the cardboard type material). No plastic bags!


Drop-off location is near the dorm office, in the dining hall or near the bookstore. Check out the Location Maps.

Battery Bin

Batteries are collected in specially labeled 5 gallon plastic buckets. When the bucket is full, contact the Office of Environmental Health and Safety at 442-3495 for disposal.


Ink Jet Bins

Ink Jet/Toner Cartridges

Drop-off locations are near your dorm office, the bookstore or in the tunnel near Rapid Copy. You can also drop a small electronic, including old cell phones into these bins. Find the nearest bin location with this map. If you notice that the bin is full, contact the Office of Environmental Sustainability at 956-8120.

Blown Light Bulbs

Do not throw out- especially CFL's!

Properly dispose of used ligh bulbs through the Office of Environmental Health and Safety.


Call Environmental Health and Safety or the Office of Environmental Sustainability for disposal.

The information above is also available in PDF. file

Procedures for recycling miscellaneous electronics:

This applies to: CD's, floppy disks, videotapes, etc.

  1. Items should be boxed up or securely placed in an adequately size envelope.  The outside should be clearly labeled “for recycling” and a description of the materials inside.  A return address with contact number should also be written on the outside of the box and/or envelope.
  2. Items should be brought over to the social science loading dock.  They should be placed in the area nearest to the mail room on the pallets that are not labeled CPU’s.
  3. It is not encouraged that you send the items through the mail system.  However, if this is necessary, please use an interoffice envelope and address it to: Electronic Medium Recycling c/o SS DOCK.
  4. Caution should be taken in that the materials should not have any sensitive or personal information as their security cannot be guaranteed. 
  5. No batteries or lamps should be sent to the loading dock.  All batteries need to be placed in the 5 gallon buckets provided around campus.  If your area needs a collection bin, please contact Environmental Health and Safety at 442-3495. Lights should be removed by custodial services.