Why Give to UAlbany?

Students in front of fountain

Why Here?

For generations, UAlbany has put an exceptional education within reach of promising students who are eager to learn, to strive, to succeed. Our mission of combining access and excellence continues in full force today. Many UAlbany students are the first in their families to go to college, and many of the university’s programs are nationally recognized. Today’s University at Albany is a dynamic place, with talented, hard-working students and amazing faculty who have transformative impacts on individual lives as teachers, mentors, and researchers.

Students chat on the lawn on UAlbany's Downtown Campus

Why Now?

This is an exciting time at the University at Albany. The university is in the midst of its largest academic expansion in 50 years, adding innovative colleges, majors, and partnerships. Across the campus, recent accomplishments have created a sense of momentum, confidence and forward-thinking. But we are constrained by financial realities: state funding now accounts for 12 percent of the university’s budget, down from 45 percent as recently as 20 years ago. That is why, more than ever, support from alumni is critical to sustaining UAlbany’s trajectory and to helping our students realize their aspirations.

Graduate commencement speaker

Why You?

Your support of UAlbany will ensure that programs and facilities match ambitions, access matches need, and opportunities match dreams. You can make certain that the UAlbany students of today and tomorrow benefit from an exceptional education that serves as a launching pad to a successful career. You can bolster the work of our outstanding faculty, whose research addresses society’s most pressing issues. Together, we can continue to propel UAlbany forward and build an even greater university for generations to come.