A UAlbany Candle sits near the main fountain and Carillon lit up in purple. A UAlbany Candle sits near the main fountain and Carillon lit up in purple.

Student Emergency Fund

Providing vital support to UAlbany students struggling with financial hardships brought about by unexpected emergencies.

You are a hero to our students

Thank you for caring for UAlbany’s students. Your thoughtful generosity provides support for immediate and critical needs such as food, housing expenses, utilities, emergency travel and technology. We are extremely grateful to you for keeping our students close to your hearts.

In their own words...

Students who have received grants from the Student Emergency Fund share their heartfelt thanks and why your generosity makes a difference.

Purple and yellow tulips and the Carillon.

“When times get tough and the future is unknown, it’s amazing to know we have funding to help us through. Because of you, I was able to solely focus on my finals because I knew my bills were paid for the month. For that, I am truly grateful and thankful! Thank you again to all who graciously donate to the Student Emergency Fund!!”

"Wow! What a tremendous blessing. Thank you so much. I feel so humbled and grateful to be supported by my school in a time of need. Thank you so much."

"This grant has paid for my rent and allowed me to feel comfortable having a roof over my head while I now spend my last semester at home. I truly appreciate all that you are doing. Thank you so much!"

Being awarded this money really warmed my heart, although I do not know you all. It makes me feel valued that even in these tough times where my family isn't able to help me that the institution, and this group of donors has caught me from falling and for that I will be forever grateful.”

The Student Emergency Fund, began in 2018 in partnership with the Heckscher Foundation for Children, the Gerstner Family Foundation and the SUNY Impact Foundation. Thanks to their generous support, UAlbany has significantly expanded its ability to respond to students' extreme needs.