General Studies and Summer Sessions

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Advance registration for the Fall 2022 term begins Wednesday, March 23, and continues thru the last day of late registration for the term. Visiting and non-matriculated students can apply for the Fall 2022 term via the General Studies Online Application.
Our fully online 2022 Summer Sessions runs May 23, 2022 through August 12, 2022. Enrollment begins Wednesday, March 23.

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General Studies

General Studies admits and registers nondegree students for undergraduate credit classes. Courses taken as a nondegree student may count toward graduation credits if you apply and are admitted into a degree program. 

Summer Sessions 

Summer is an ideal time to study. The summer program at UAlbany offers undergraduate and graduate credit by attending classes offered in the traditional classroom setting, attending courses online, studying abroad, or working in community service. The calendar's four- and six-week sessions offer the flexibility to complete a class, work a summer job and go on vacation.


The Wintersession program is offered through the Office of General Studies and Summer Sessions.  Wintersession offers an array of totally online courses over a four-week period. 

Locating Our Office

The Office of General Studies and Summer Sessions is located in the Social Science Building, Room 110.  View the University at Albany campus map to pinpoint our location.

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