Our Leadership


Our president manages administrative items, while our chief manages day-to-day operations. Lieutenants act as deputy chiefs and at least one lieutenant is on-duty during all shifts.

President: Nixon Mercado ([email protected])

Vice President: Natalie Tedesco ([email protected])

Treasurer: Shauna Fowler ([email protected])

Secretary: Molly Bisceglia ([email protected])

Chief: Kaleb Davie ([email protected])

Lieutenants: Kaleb Davie, Nixon Mercado, Natalie Tedesco, Hannah Clavijo, Nathaniel Foster, Kevin Zoda, Shauna Fowler


Board of Directors

The Board of Directors manages long-term planning and initiatives, and functions as a governing body. Email the entire Board of Directors using [email protected].

Five Quad Members: Gabrielle Valle, Jack Geary, Hilal Dagci

Five Quad Medical Directors: Michael Dailey, MD; Michael Waldrop, MD

Five Quad EMS Advisor: Harjup Singh

Five Quad Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Conrad

University Health Center: Dr. Rebecca Kobos, Jennifer Jenkins

Counseling & Psychological Services: Dr. Joseph Monserrat

Division of Athletics: Jay Geiger

University Police Department: Lieutenant Kevin Krosky

Department of Residential Life: Leandra Harris

Office of Environmental Health & Safety: Karl Kilts

Office of Emergency Management: Stephen Conard



EMS Advisor: Harjup Singh

Faculty Advisor: Elizabeth Conrad


Medical Directors

Michael Dailey, MD

Michael Waldrop, MD



Non-Emergency Contact Information
Service Building A1

1 Alumni Drive
Albany, NY 12222
United States

Office Hours

We provide Basic Life Support 24/7 during the fall and spring semesters.

In case of an on-campus emergency, dial 911 on a campus phone or 518-442-3131 on a cell phone.