Friends of Five Quad

Friends of Five Quad is the sister organization of Five Quad. Any member of the University at Albany community can join, and there are no application or interview requirements — just attend our meetings!

Our meetings are held once a month and typically involve training. We host a general interest meeting at the start of the semester, after Five Quad has selected a new class of members-in-training.

As a member of Friends of Five Quad, you’ll learn a variety of life-saving techniques — such as splinting, oxygen therapy, vitals and bleeding control — that you can use in your everyday life. You’ll also have the option to become CPR, AED and First Aid certified.

You can tour the rig and attend an observer shift, during which Friends of Five Quad members go on a call with the scheduled crew and learn more about the roles of crew chief, attendant and driver.

Friends of Five Quad members often volunteer at blood drives and table for the organization.

Being a member of the Friends of Five Quad is not required to be selected as a Five Quad member-in-training.

Questions? Contact us at [email protected].