Master Reference Documents


Project Time Line
Von Duprin Sole Source Approval


Facilities Master Plan Update (2022)
Comprehensive Plan Updating (Stone - 1974)
UAlbany Athletics and Recreation Master Plan (Sasaki - 2004)
UAlbany Campus Heritage Preservation Plan - 2009
Campus Center Master Plan (2009)
Facilities Master Plan (2012)
Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) (2010)
Landscape Master Plan (2009)
Lighting Master Plan
Primary Electric Master Plan
Master Plan Report (1998)
Pedestrian and Traffic Improvement Study (2011)
Accessibility Upgrades Study

Volume 1
Volume 2

Site Utilities


University at Albany - Design and Construction Standards
UA Division 27 Standards & Design Guidelines
PSI Standards (2-24-2014)
Signage and Wayfinding Policies and Procedures
Signage Cost Calculator
Office and Support Space Standards (10-2019)
GIS Geodatabase Standards (08-15-2017)
Site & Utility Record Plan Requirements
AutoCAD Standards
Furniture Standards (10-2019)


Research Space Allocation Guidelines (10-15-2016)
Classroom Design Guidelines (09-09-2014)
Guiding Principles of Space Management and Renovation
Physical Space Request Evaluation Process
Space Type Guidelines
Preservation Standards & Guidelines (2-12-13)
BIM Guidelines
Heating and Cooling (Space Temperature Setpoint) Policy


Space Request Application Form