Former Faculty Selected as 2023 Person of Cultural Merit

Hiroshi Yoshikawa wears glasses and a suit while standing in front of a bookshelf full of books.

Professor Hiroshi Yoshikawa was selected as a 2023 Person of Cultural Merit (文化功労者, bunka kōrōsha). The Cultural Merit Award is a prestigious honor bestowed by the Japanese government to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to Japanese culture in various fields such as literature, arts, academia, and sports. Professor Yoshikawa had already received the Purple Medal of Honor, which is also one of the highest cultural honors in Japan, in 2010. 

Professor Hiroshi Yoshikawa is currently an emeritus professor at the University of Tokyo and honorary president of the Ministry of Finance's Policy Research Institute. He was a faculty member at the University at Albany from 1978 through 1982. He kindly sent us a message to us about his memory of our department.

"I arrived in Albany in 1978---forty-five years ago! However, my days at UAlbany remain unforgettable. It was my first job, and everything was fresh. I was very happy with my colleagues, Professor Lee, Professor Yun, Professor Ogura, Professor Lahiri, Professor Jerison, and others. To me, they are Pong, Kwan Koo, Ritsu, Kajal, and Mike. I still keep in touch with them. With Mike, I shared a small office facing the faculty lounge. On this occasion, with gratitude, I would like to send my best wishes to UAlbany!"