Cuicui Chen

Cuicui Chen

Assistant Professor
Department of Economics


Hudson, Room 257A

PhD Harvard University

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Fields of Interest: Environmental and Energy Economics, Industrial Organization


Cuicui Chen is an assistant professor of economics at the University at Albany. She studies firm and government responses to environmental and energy issues. For example, how do we identify and reduce frictions in the now-popular market-based environmental policy such as cap-and-trade systems? Why did five German automakers have incentive to collude on holding back emissions control technology, what were the health and environmental consequences, and what can the government do about it? How do we use machine learning methods to forecast individual countries’ long-term greenhouse gas emissions, evaluate their efforts in combating climate change, and design mechanisms to achieve an efficient international climate agreement? Cuicui has a S.M. in Technology and Policy from MIT and a PhD in Public Policy from Harvard. In her spare time, she enjoys nature, music, good food, and understated design.