University at Albany

Room/Table Reservations

Reserving a Room in the Campus Center

Due to the overwhelming need for space on campus to hold events, meetings, etc., Campus Center space is reserved by group affiliation with the University. Please look at the box to the right, and click on the group which best applies to you. The link will re-direct you to the appropriate information and proper procedure for reserving space for your group. You may also want to look at the Campus Center Room Information when planning which room(s) to reserve based on your groups’ needs.

Facility Reservations

The Campus Center Management Office coordinates and manages the five meeting rooms and Ballroom that compromise the conference portion of the Campus Center. During the academic year the Campus Center’s meeting rooms host over 9,000 people per month for meetings and functions within the building. Assuring that each is afforded with pleasant comfortable accommodations is a goal of this office. For more information on available rooms please click on “Campus Center Room Info” in the box above.

Community Contact/Solicitation Tables

Six tables are available within the Campus Center lobby with eight additional tables (weather permitting) in the Campus Center fountain area. These tables can be used by student groups, faculty/staff departments, and organizations to foster interaction within the University community.