Direct Admit Grows

Direct Admit Class Fall 2019
Direct Admit Class Fall 2019


The Direct Admit program, which guarantees top high school students admission to their School of Business major after they complete their prerequisite courses, will enroll nearly 250 students this fall. According to Dean Nilanjan Sen, this Direct Admit class shows a 50% increase over 2019.

These freshmen will be supported by five new School of Business scholarships:  the Detor Family Direct Admit Scholarship, the Stabile Family School of Business Term Scholarship, the Frances Spreer-Albert School of Business Term Scholarship, the Commerce Hub School of Business Term Scholarship and the  Weiss Family Scholarship. The term scholarships are renewable through sophomore year as long as the student remains in the direct admit program. The School of Business has also awarded 50 direct admit book scholarships to the incoming class.

The university is doing their part with four levels of scholarships that the Direct Admit class qualifies for:  Presidential Scholars, Minerva Scholars, 1844 Scholars, and Irvis Scholars.  “The university is offering meaningful merit scholarships to high performing high school students.  It helps our enrollments quite a bit,” said Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies Dennis Caplan.

In addition to financial support, the school has strengthened undergraduate programming, including a new undergraduate certificate in business analytics, and a direct admit seminar for freshmen. Caplan noted that revisions to the business core and a concentration in wealth management are in the works.