Soma Dash

Soma Dash

Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
The RNA Institute

PhD, University of Delaware
Bachelor of Technology in Biotechnology, National Institute of Technology, Raipur, India

Soma Dash

Dash Lab

Areas of Interest:

  • Developmental and Molecular Biology
  • Craniofacial Development
  • Transcription and post-transcription gene regulation


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    *Featured on the cover
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    *Featured on the cover
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    † - Equal contribution
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    † - Equal contribution, * - co-corresponding author
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    * - co-corresponding author
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    # - Equal contribution * - co-corresponding author

Review Papers

  1. Dash S., Siddam A.D., Barnum C.E., Janga S.C., Lachke S.A. (2016) RNA Binding Proteins in Eye Development and Disease: Implication of Conserved RNA Granule Components. WIREs RNA, 7(4):527-557. View in: Pubmed
    *Featured on the cover
  2. Dash S., Trainor P.A. (2020) The Development, Patterning and Evolution of Neural Crest Cell Differentiation Into Cartilage and Bone. Bone; 137:115409 View in: Pubmed