Spring Family Training Series

Spring 2023 Family Training Series

Thursday, April 27, 2023

Functional Communication Training: Finding the Right Word for the Right Moment
Presenter: Deirdre Muldoon, Ph.D., CCC-SLP,  BCBA-D

This talk will cover the area of communication and verbal behavior. Dr. Muldoon will cover what functional communication is, the evidence to support it, and how to find the correct communication replacement for some difficult behaviors. Participants will be encouraged to find example instances of functional communication in their homes/schools/classrooms and apply the FCT principles to their example.


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Thursday, May 11, 2023

Managing Daily Difficulties: Strategies to Assist with Eating and Sleeping
Presenter: Emma Wilkinson, M.A.

Eating and sleeping are two of life’s most important activities. Many children on the autism spectrum have difficulty with eating and sleeping, which can lead to stress for the whole family. This seminar will discuss evidence-based approaches to promote more successful mealtimes and bedtime routines. Focusing on positive, caregiver-driven strategies, this presentation will discuss common mealtime and bedtime challenges and address ways to change the environment to improve sleep and increase food acceptance.


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Thursday, June 15, 2023

Parent Role in Designing a Successful Dental Appointment
Presenter: Purnima Hernandez, DDS, MA, BCBA, NBC-HWC

Dental procedures can be challenging for children. They are especially difficult for individuals with behavioral and sensory issues. These events are equally challenging for the provider and accompanying caregivers. 
Dr. Hernandez is a parent of a young adult with multiple disabilities. She understands this journey quite well from a parent and provider perspective. In her presentation, she will discuss the importance of parent/caregiver collaboration to help prepare the patient for the dental visit. She will discuss evidence-based techniques that may help prepare both parent and child for a successful dental visit.

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These trainings are offered at no cost to NYS Residents through a grant from the New York State Education Department. There is $5 fee for out-of-state residents.