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Research and development at ASRC spans a broad spectrum of scientific areas, including: advanced sensor development; laboratory and field experiments in atmospheric chemistry, atmospheric physics, and aerosol microphysics; remote sensing of the environment; global aerosol forecasting, air quality, climate change, dispersion modeling; high performance computing, and data and visual analytics.

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Arshad Nair

Arshad Nair

Expected PhD completion date: May 2021
Advised by Dr. Fangqun Yu

Research focus: Aerosol microphysics, air quality, machine learning/artificial intelligence (ML/AI), and global modeling

Dissertation title: “The Role of Ammonia in Atmospheric New Particle Formation and Implications for Aerosol Indirect Radiative Forcing”

What influenced you to study atmospheric sciences? Although trained as a physicist, all sciences and their interdisciplinary spaces have excited me. As an atmospheric scientist, I can unravel physicochemical processes in the atmosphere with the aid of mathematics and computer science, explore interactions with the biosphere (including human health), and further our understanding of climate change: the gravest and most immediate moral and societal challenge humanity faces.

What do you hope to accomplish in terms of research goals? Our efforts to reduce the uncertainties in climate change prediction, largest of which arise from aerosol–cloud interactions, are where I see myself contributing the most. I am also hopeful that my research will have immediate implications for improving human and ecosystem health and informing the public and policymakers. Towards these goals, I hope to continue working in an interdisciplinary space and synergistically employing observations ⟷ AI ⟷ modeling.

Who do you aspire to be in the ATM scientific community? I aspire to be an academic scientist, collaborating with and mentoring people, working towards an improved understanding of and tackling a shared concern in climate change and its impacts on life.

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