Implementation Team

Purpose of the Albany Law Affiliation Implementation Team

The Albany Law Affiliation Implementation Team meets every semester or as needed to support and be actively engaged on the following:

  • Continue to advance and implement the affiliation projects

  • Explore additional opportunities for academic synergies and other collaborative activities, considering both academic offerings and academic and student support service

  • Address program approval and accreditation issues 

  • Review and award Academic Collaborative Funds

  • Review and approve Business Plans and Statements of Work for academic and student support functions

  • Make recommendations to the Executive Committee on specific collaborative offerings and service arrangements


University at Albany

Jeanette Altarriba, Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences

Karen Chico Hurst, Registrar

Michael Christakis, Vice-President for Student Affairs

James Dias, Vice-President for Research 

Jack Mahoney, Assistant Vice-President for Academic Research and Planning 

JoAnne Malatesta, Vice-Provost and Interim Dean of Undergraduate Education

Kristin Marshall, Director, Strategic Communications

Sheila Mahan, Assistant Vice-President Student Affairs/Emerita

Kristin Swaney, Interim Director, Advisement Services

Kevin Williams, Vice-Provost and Dean of the Graduate School

Carol Kim, Provost (Ex-Officio)


Albany Law School

Christopher Colton, Director of Communications and Marketing, Marketing and Communications

Joann Fitzsimmons. Assistant Dean and Registrar

Antony Haynes, Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives (Co-Chair)

Amy Mangione, Assistant Dean and Director of Admissions

Connie Mayer, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Rosemary Queenan, Associate Dean for Student Affairs

Christian Sundquist, Director of Faculty Research and Scholarship

Alicia Ouellette. President and Dean, (Ex-Officio)