The University at Albany’s Wintersession is a four-week term offered each year between the end of the fall semester and the beginning of the spring semester. Wintersession is comprised primarily of online courses.

Admission/Registration Information

The Wintersession term is available to UAlbany graduate and undergraduate students, students visiting from other colleges, General Studies’ students, and qualified high school seniors. 

Registration for Wintersession begins in October with the spring term advance registration period and runs through the first day of winter classes. Current UAlbany students wishing to register should obtain a separate winter term AVN from their academic advisor and enroll online at their designated appointment time. All other undergraduate students must apply through the Office of General Studies and Summer Sessions by visiting the winter website at and filling out the online application, or by submitting the printable version via mail or fax.

Newly admitted freshmen or transfer students due to begin at UAlbany in the spring term are not eligible to register for Wintersession. All new UAlbany students must begin classes with the spring semester.

Academic Regulations and Policies

Complete academic regulations and standards appear in detail in this Bulletin. Course descriptions should be reviewed in this Bulletin to be sure that all course prerequisites have been met. Visiting students from other colleges should meet with their academic advisor at their home school for proper transferability approvals. 

The maximum course load during the four-week Wintersession is two courses.

Students may not formally or informally audit any Wintersession course.

Policies Pertaining to Online Classes

The University at Albany offers a variety of online classes during Wintersession. All academic regulations and policies apply equally to online courses. 

UAlbany courses are offered in the online format via Blackboard Learning System. Instructions for accessing an online course will be sent by email to each registered student prior to the start of the class. Students are not admitted to online classes after the first day of the course. 

All drop deadlines, including those involving tuition liability, apply to online courses. Students wishing to drop their online class must drop via MyUAlbany within the stated deadlines for the term. Nonattendance (not signing into the class) does not constitute a drop. 

A blended (or hybrid) course, which is a combination of classroom and online learning, does not constitute an online course. Students should be aware of any class meetings prior to enrolling so that proper attendance can be achieved.