ROTC (Reserve Officers Training Corps)


Professor of Military Science
Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Beal

Military Science Instructors
Captain Roosevelt McCray
Major Jennifer Ryal

Mohawk Army ROTC trains and develops future leaders of the United States Army.

Students may participate in the program during their freshman and sophomore years with no obligation. They will learn leadership fundamentals including communications, leadership processes, and Army organizational concepts.

Students enrolled in the advanced course (junior and senior years) earn a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Army serving on active duty or in the Army Reserve or National Guard.

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Michael Dengler
Scholarship & Enrollment Officer

Air Force ROTC

Students can also enroll in the Air Force ROTC program at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute through the Hudson-Mohawk Association of Colleges and Universities’ Cross-Registration Program. Students should contact the Department of Air & Space Studies at RPI for precise information regarding course content, sequencing, and summer expectations. The procedure for obtaining University approval for enrollment in Air Force ROTC courses is the same as for any other cross-registration enrollment. No more than a total of 12 ROTC credits may be counted toward a student’s graduation.

The Department of Air and Space Studies at RPI offers an elective program to eligible male and female students who are U.S. citizens wishing to pursue a commission as future Air Force officers. The program has two phases, a General Military Course and a Professional Officer Course. The General Military Course is taken during the first two years. After the General Military Course, students compete for entry into the two-year Professional Officer Course.

Admission to the Professional Officer Course is based on demonstrated proficiency in the General Military Course, medical qualifications, academic standing, physical conditioning requirements, the successful completion of field training, aptitude for further officer training, and citizenship.

Air Force scholarships are awarded on a merit basis to high school seniors and full-time college students who meet specific program requirements. Multiple-year scholarships are available, ranging from full tuition to in-state tuition.

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