Courses in School Psychology

E SPY 120 The Psychology of Academic and Personal Effectiveness (3)
Examination and application of psychological theory and research in learning, memory, motivation, decision making, behavioral self-control, and young adult development with implications for academic performance and personal effectiveness. Only one of U UNI 100 and E SPY 120 may be taken for credit. Open only to freshmen, and other students by permission of the department.

E SPY 360 Positive Youth Development (3)
An introduction to current theory and research in the field and practices of positive youth development within the context of important societal issues; cultivating environments to promote optimal development and behavior in disadvantaged, trouble youth through strengths and family practices, and healthy alternatives to interpersonal, family, and community violence. Prerequisite(s): junior or senior status.

E SPY 387 Institute (1-9)
A special course, not part of the regular pattern of offerings, designed to meet non-recurring needs.  Available for division use and subject to division approval.