Courses in Special Education

T SPE 260 (formerly E SPE 260H) Perspectives on Human Exceptionality (3)
Students will learn about the characteristics of individuals with exceptionalities, how they are identified, and what services are necessary for them to function in both school and society. Students will be exposed to the cultures of disability groups through observations, research, lecture, readings, and videos. Not open to students with credit for E SPE 460. Prerequisite(s): Honors College student or permission of instructor.

E SPE 369 Special Education for Students with Emotional and Behavioral Problems (3)
Presentation of theoretical positions, assessment techniques; planning procedures, and teaching methods relevant to students with emotional and behavioral disorders. Emphasizes current educational practice in the least restrictive environment. Prerequisite(s): junior or senior standing.

E SPE 387 Institute (1-9)
A special course, not part of the regular pattern of offerings, designed to meet non-recurring needs. Available for division use and subject to division approval.

E SPE 460 Introduction to Human Exceptionality (3)
Characteristics of individuals whose cognitive, physical, or emotional development differs from typical individuals. Special education history and laws are discussed, as is the process leading to the development of individualized education plans and special education services. Selected strategies for students with special needs are also presented. Prerequisite(s): junior or senior standing.

E SPE 463 Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders (3)
This course will cover the nature and etiology of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Characteristics of children with ASD in the areas of cognition, language, socialization, behavioral, sensory, and academic skills will be discussed. Instructional strategies and research on current evidence-based strategies and their implementation in the school setting will be examined. Prerequisite(s): junior or senior class standing.