Center for Achievement, Retention, and Student Success (CARSS)

The Center for Achievement, Retention, and Student Success (CARSS) is a support service created to provide free academic assistance to intended or declared science majors. Many very smart students are able to increase their grades by receiving highly tailored and structured assistance in challenging biology, chemistry and physics courses from peers who have already taken and performed well in those courses. CARSS has tapped into the resource of experienced students on campus who want to help their peers and has provided them with additional formalized training on how to explain complex concepts in biology, chemistry and physics to students who are currently enrolled in those courses. This highly successful program has helped thousands of students enhance their performance in first and second year "gateway science" courses including Genetics, General Chemistry I and II, Organic Chemistry I and II, and Physics I and II (both algebra and calculus based). Tutoring in third year Physical and Biophysical Chemistry is also offered. CARSS participants across all demographics enjoy higher pass rates in their science courses and have higher graduation rates than non-CARSS participants.

Any student taking a gateway science course at UAlbany is welcome to take advantage of the CARSS program. CARSS staff will help students assess their needs and meet their academic goals. Center services assist students to remain in good academic standing while completing their degree and foster a supportive and nurturing environment where students can gain a strong sense of connection to the wider UAlbany community.

CARSS Services

CARSS services include, but are not limited to:

  • Scheduling weekly study group sessions and periodic exam review sessions that are provided by trained peer tutors
  • Establishing a sense of community, belonging, and connection to the University
  • Providing for students a safe environment to meet peers and establish relationships
  • Offering a caring and dedicated staff

How to Request Assistance

Tutoring is offered in the form of weekly study groups and exam review sessions. Registration on the CARSS website is required for enrolling in a study group session ( Students choose a session that fits their schedule and for which they can arrive on time. Students can also request aid by visiting the CARSS Center (CS 09), or calling: (518) 437-4442.

Courses tutored by CARSS Peer Tutors

NOTE:  Not all courses are offered each semester.


A BIO 212Y - Introductory Genetics


A CHM 120 - General Chemistry I
A CHM 121 - General Chemistry II
A CHM 220 - Organic Chemistry I
A CHM 221 - Organic Chemistry II


A PHY 105 - General Physics I
A PHY 108 - General Physics II
A PHY 140 - Physics I
A PHY 150 - Physics II