Center for Experiential Education

The Center for Experiential Education (CEE) seeks to enhance the academic curriculum through experiential learning. Experiential learning activities at UAlbany allow students to complement classroom knowledge and acquire relevant disciplinary and professional skills by participating in substantial, hands-on activities. Experiential or applied learning opportunities typically include planning, training, monitoring, reflection, and evaluation. Visit for more information.

The Center for Experiential Education also serves as a centralized home for the University’s micro-credentialing programs. Developed by University faculty and staff, micro-credentials are industry-aligned competency-based educational offerings made available to students at the undergraduate and graduate-levels, and as a method to for delivering continuing education programs. They may be comprised of academic assignments in identified courses, workshop attendance, experiential learning, and/or a variety of co-curricular experiences. Micro-credentials are issued as an icon called a digital badge, not on the academic transcript, but on an online credentialing platform called Credly Acclaim. Badges enable learners to track, display and articulate verified evidence of competency development. While digital credentials are not academic credit-bearing at the University at Albany, they contain metadata, including information regarding the issuing institution, the date earned, the criteria required to earn the badge, and the associated evidence related to the awarded badge. Badges are transferable and portable – they can be posted to a variety of online platforms, including LinkedIn, digital portfolios, websites, and resumes. For more information about micro-credentials, as well as a catalogue of current micro-credentials offered by the University at Albany, please visit

CEE Programs

Applied Learning Internship Program

The CEE offers two internship courses, Applied Learning Internship (U UNI 288) and Advanced Applied Learning Internship (U UNI 289).

Students from any major with a minimum 2.00 GPA and at least sophomore standing may earn academic credit for participating in internships anywhere in the world. U UNI 288 is a 1 credit course that requires students to complete a minimum of 50 hours at an internship site of their choice. U UNI 289 is a 3 credit course that requires students to complete a minimum of 150 hours at an internship site of their choice. Internships should be relevant to the student’s discipline and career goals.

The Applied Learning Internship courses aim to help students:
• Apply classroom theory in a professional environment
• Develop “soft skills” and “career readiness skills”
• Explore career options and begin building a professional network
• Apply what they’ve learned in the field to future academic and professional environments
• Boost maturity and build self-confidence

Assignments and materials are on Blackboard. Typically, course topics include organizational culture, ethics, maintaining a professional online presence, networking, taking initiative, transferable skills, diversity, inclusion, and globalization in the workplace.

Students learn experientially through a self-directed approach. In conjunction with an internship supervisor, students develop learning objectives and an action plan to help achieve individual learning goals. The course instructor will provide resources, guidance, and feedback to help students get the most from their internship experience. Assignments are designed to help foster continuous learning, deep reflection, and evaluation of the experience. Students will be expected to complete a Learning Agreement/Action Plan, reflective assignments, an informational interview, online course discussions, a final presentation, and final evaluations. CEE staff contacts all internship supervisors at mid-semester and the end of the semester to monitor the student’s progress.


The SUNY Program for Experiential and Entrepreneurial Development (SPEED) is a summer internship-based program that provides students an opportunity to gain professional experience at a START-UP NY or Innovate 518 company in the Albany, NY, area. Students in this program are required to enroll in U UNI 289 during the 12 week summer term. Additional workshops on leadership and entrepreneurship will be required for students participating in SPEED. Scholarship funding is available and many of the positions are paid. Program applications are due in January for the current year’s summer program.

Email the CEE at for more information about the Applied Learning Internship Courses and/or SPEED.