Open Opportunities

CURCE is assisting faculty in recruiting for open positions ahead of the Spring 2023 semester!

Check back regularly for updates and new positions!

Dr. Yanna Liang is recruiting students for TWO Research Assistant positions for their Innovative technologies for Cleaning up PFAS Contaminated Environments

Information about this position:

  • Roles will be in-person located in Biology 317/318, 311
  • Positions are available for Spring and Summer 2023
  • This position is part of the Sustainable Design Research Lab
  • Opportunity is available for Academic Credit, Volunteer Expereince, or Salary Stipend
    • Salary/Stipend is set at $5,000

Student Qualifications

  • GPA Requirement: 3.0
  • Must be a Junior
  • Must be a Environmental and Sustainable Engineering, Chemistry & Biology Major
  • Students must have completed:
    • Chemistry I & II with corresponding labs
    • Biology I & II with corresponding labs
  • Self-motivated, curiosity-driven, detail-oriented and committed to working in a wet research lab. Getting along well with other lab personnel

Student Responsibilities: 

  • Assist postdoctoral researchers and graduate students in experimental preparation, monitoring, sample collection and instrumental analysis.

 Required Application Materials:

  • Resume/CV
  • Unofficial Transcript
  • Summary of any prior research experience

Apply online

Student Position: UAP Research Assistant

Seeking: 2-3 Students

Opportunity offered by: Matthew Szydagis

Faculty Email; Project website

Research Format: In-Person, Physics Room 323

Open to All Majors & Class Years

GPA Requirement: 3.00

Preferred Student Qualifications include:

  • Computer programming

  • Familiarity with Windows

  • Ability to work independently

  • Open minded

Semester Available: Spring 2023; Summer 2023

Opportunity Available for: Academic Credit and/or Voluntary Experience

Student Responsibilities:

Student will collect data on aerial objects and phenomena using a UFODAP camera system ( as well as control (dark box) data, deploying the camera in different outdoor dark sky locations after first calibrating the system's hardware and software in the lab with both visual and non-optical data collection.

To Apply: complete online application

Have the following items prepared before applying:

  1. Resume/CV

  2. Unofficial Transcript

  3. 1 page statement of interest

Project Title: Eye Tracking the Storm

Seeking: 1-2 students

Opportunity offered by: Jeannette Sutton

Faculty EmailFaculty Website

Research Format: In-person ETEC ERC Lab

Class Year: open to all!

Preferred Major: social and/or behavioral sciences including sociology, communication, psychology, anthropology, as well as emergency management and public health.  

Course Pre-requisites: Must complete CITI training for human subjects research prior to assisting with data collection - this is an online course

Preferred Student Qualifications include:

  • must be able to work independently and in a team

  • be extremely detailed oriented

  • have good "people skills" (able to meet, talk to, engage with research participants)

  • good communication skills (writing, speaking)

  • an interest in social science research is necessary

  • an interest in risk, hazards, disasters, or weather is a plus

  • understanding of social media communication is also very useful

  • skills or knowledge about visual design would be useful, but not necessary

  • flexible schedule is necessary

Semester Available: Spring 2023

Opportunity Available for: Academic credit and/or Voluntary experience

Student Responsibilities:

Students will assist with social science data collection conducted in the Emergency and Risk Communication Message Testing lab. The project focuses on understanding how people make sense of warnings for snow squall events.  Research activities include documenting informed consent, collecting eye tracking data, collecting survey data, and debriefing participants through a short interview. Post data-collection, the research assistant will work with the PI and PhD student to organize data. There is an opportunity to also assist with data coding and analysis.

To Apply: Complete online application by February 10, 2023. Materials and/or responses needed for application:

  • Why you are interested in social science research
  • Describe an occasion when you demonstrated your skills as a people person; what did you do and how did others respond
  • If interested in weather, disasters, or hazards, share a bit more about this area of interest
  • If interested in visual design or risk communication, share a bit more about this area of interest
  • What do you hope to do when you have finished your degree at UAlbany
  • A Resume/CV
  • Brief cover letter to demonstrate your ability to communicate effectively

Research Assistant, 2 positions open!

Project Title: Using computer models to study the interactions of climate change, land use/land cover change, and hydrology/water quality

Opportunity offered by: Yaoze Liu, Assistant Professor

Faculty EmailFaculty Website

Research Format: Flexible

Preferred Class Year: Open to all class years

Preferred Major: Environmental and Sustainable Engineering, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, Geography and Planning

Course Pre-requisites: None required

GPA Requirement: 3.0

Preferred Student Qualifications include:

  1. Ability to work independently

  2. Interest in hydrologic and water quality computer models

  3. Interest in climate change

  4. Interest in land use/land cover change

Semester Available: Winter 2022-2023; Spring 2023; Summer 2023

Opportunity Available for: Volunteer Experience/Hours

Student Responsibilities & Expectations: Using computer models to study the interactions of climate change, land use/land cover change, and hydrology/water quality

To Apply: Email Dr. Liu with your Resume and Unofficial transcript

Orthogonal Research and Education Lab (OREL) is a distributed collection of scholars committed to interdisciplinary research and open science, emphasizing awareness of the underpinning philosophy across disciplines and the societal impact of technological advancement. Our interests largely cover the arenas of artificial intelligence, cognitive science, neuroscience, society & technology, and the educational practices that support advances in such areas.

In partnership with UAlbany, we offer two tracks for Research Assistants for our Internships Program: Analytical and Computational; the difference is merely to indicate that a Research Assistant can work on programming + data science components of our work if desired, but it’s not mandatory. (We have had successful candidates emerge from both tracks and look forward to continue our work with UAlbany!).

At OREL, We foster collaboration and communication across diverse fields of study, in addition to providing mentoring & development as researchers and science communicators. All positions are remote.


  • Commitment to a Research Plan: either under the banner of one of our existing projects, or, leadership of an individually led project.
  • Check-Ins: Bi-weekly Research Meetings with Lab Director; and schedule permitting, regular attendance at weekly All-Lab meetings. Active involvement in lab Slack workspace.
  • Contributions: OREL has an inclusive approach to contributions designed with aiding early career researchers to develop while engaging challenging interdisciplinary research. Generally, three smaller presentations (flash talks) over the course of a semester are desirable, with a larger summary report or presentation at the end of the term. However, given the use-inspired basic research that OREL may conduct, we are more vested in a project's development than micromanaging a RA's outputs. We would rather assist you create a blog post that can show others about your work and enable further research developments for you (and OREL), than create a status report we only look at once.
  • Exploration & Innovation: Prior experience in all of these areas or in crafting deliverables is not expected, but desire to engage research and investigation at the cutting edge of trans-disciplinary frontiers is highly valued. Part of OREL’s aims are to bring accessibility and training to high-reward but under-explored areas that fall in between the cracks of traditional disciplinary boundaries.

For Analytical Track (e.g. Cognition Futures; Society Ethics Technology; Philosophy, Education), reading groups & analyzing academic papers, development of curricula materials, reports, and literature reviews.
Past deliverables have included: academic blog posts; flash talks, posters & conference submission collaboration; creation of mind maps, databases, and other epistemological directories; research talks; and co-authorship on journal articles.

For Computational Track (e.g. Machine Learning; Developmental AI, Meta-Brains) based projects, regular check-ins with Head Scientist about progress of software development in alignment with a research plan.
Past deliverables have included: GitHub & open source contributions; Google Summer of Code participation; Sustainability Auditing Tools; jupyter notebooks; computational neuroscience data analysis; website design

Minimum Student Qualifications:

  • Undergraduate at university level or higher.
  • Interest in one of the lab’s topical areas
  • Significant interest in interdisciplinary research and cross-functional communication and collaboration
  • For technical projects: some experience in computer programming or statistics
  • For non-technical projects: writing & ability to contribute to literature reviews, annotated bibliographies, assess and analyze research papers
  • Commitment to open science principles, inclusivity, and constructive, development-oriented interactions with lab mates
  • Preferred majors: Computer Science, Engineering, Psychology, Cognitive Science, Sociology, Philosophy, Mathematics, Communication, Human Development, Informatics, Journalism, Legal Studies, Machine Learning, Pre-Education

Exceptional Candidates will also possess:

  • Prior research or publication experience
  • Attendance at academic or industry conferences around relevant topics
  • An ongoing research project or collaboration
  • Desire to participate in or contribute to professional development sessions for science, science communications, and other aspects of academic and research-based careers
  • Project Management abilities or desire to learn such

Additional information:

  • OREL is seeking 3-5 student Research Assistants
  • Positions available for: Winter Session 2022-2023; Spring 2023; Summer 2023
  • Positions are remote
  • Students may receive academic credit through UUNI 288 or UUNI 289 offered by the Center for Experiential Education
    • Alternative is students may complete this research for voluntary expereince
  • Events and Conferences :To give a sense of where RA contributions may lead to opportunities at academic venues, here is a non-exhaustive list of events and major conferences OREL has participated: Biologically Inspired Cognitive Architectures (BICA); Cognitive Science Society; CSV Conference Series; Cultural Evolution Society; Google Summer of Code; International Conference on Embodied Intelligence; Neuromatch & Neuromatch Academy; New York Celebration of Women in Computing; OpenIDEO’s “Designing for Digital Thriving” Challenge; Princeton Envision; WeRobot

Applications accepted from December 22, 2022 through July 1, 2023. 

Materials to have prepared:

  • Resume
  • Brief statement of interest on why you wish to join OREL
  • Which track of research you prefer: Analytical or Computational and WHY
  • Prior research (if any)

Project Title: Microwave Remote Sensing of Earth and Space

Seeking: 2 Research Assistants

Opportunity Offered by: Mustafa Aksoy, Assistant Professor

Research Supervisor Email; Research Lab Website

Research Format: Hybrid, some in-person and some remote work

Class Year: Open to all class years

Major Requirement: Electrical and Computer Engineering, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering, Computer Science, Atmospheric Science, Physics, Mathematics

Course Prerequisites: None required

GPA Requirement: 3.5

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Students with strong analytical skills and work ethics are encouraged to apply.

  • Programming and other computational skills can be learned during the project.

Semester Available: Winter 2022-2023; Spring 2023; Summer 2023

Opportunity Available for: Academic Credit through student Academic Department; Volunteer Experience/Hours; Paid through UG Research Assistant Stipend

Student Responsibilities: 

  • Radiation simulations using MATLAB

  • Satellite data processing & analysis.

To apply: Complete the online application

Materials to have prepared for application:

  • Resume
  • Unofficial transcript


Project Title: Glycogen Synthase Kinase-3 Inhibitors as Potential Therapeutics for Type II Diabetes and Alzheimer's Disease

Seeking: 1-4 Students

Opportunity offered by: Grant Ostrander, Doctoral Candidate Behavioral Neuroscience

Research Supervisor Email; Research Lab Website

Research Format: Hybrid, In-person location in Life Sciences building

Class Year: Open to all Class Years!

Major Requirement: Open to all Majors

Course Pre-requisites: No pre-requisites

Preferred Student Qualifications include:

  1. Strong work ethic

  2. Ability to work independently after training

  3. Willingness/eagerness to learn,

  4. Critical thinking skills

  5. Honesty, Strong moral compass,

  6. Foundational knowledge of biology/psychology/neuroscience (prior coursework heavily encouraged but not required),

  7. Interest in current research (to be discussed),

  8. Willingness to work with rats is strongly encouraged,

  9. Professionalism,

  10. Timeliness,

  11. Strict adherence to schedules of activities and lab commitments,

  12. Maturity,

  13. A growth-mindset,

  14. Ability to work well with others as a team,

  15. Willingness to provide AND receive constructive criticism,

  16. Positive attitude,

  17. Time/availability to work in lab without disrupting other scheduled obligations (to be discussed; flexible),

  18. Prior work experience (regardless of field) is highly valued but not requisite,

  19. Availability to work on-site is required (though some work can be done off-campus)

Semester Available: Winter 2022-2023, Spring 2023, Summer 2023

Opportunity Available for: Academic Credit through student's department

Student Responsibilities:

  1. Research assistants will have opportunities/responsibilities that include, but are not limited to: animal husbandry, brain dissection, tissue extraction/processing, assistance with behavioral assays of memory in rats, assistance with molecular assays (e.g. western blots, ELISAs, immunohistochemistry, etc.), blood collection, literature searches and review, data extraction, drug administration, and inducing clinically relevant disease states in rats (e.g. diabetes, pre-clinical Alzheimer’s disease).

  2. Students do not have to be willing to assist with every aspect listed above, if uncomfortable doing so, but would be thoroughly trained and observed on any and all techniques to be used. Willingness and limitations would need to be discussed.

  3. Prior experience is a plus but is neither requisite nor expected.

  4. Contingent on level of involvement in the project(s), students will be considered for authorship and given writing and/or editing responsibilities upon publication of experiments.

  5. Collaboration with other research assistants and graduate students is encouraged when given the opportunity, which may vastly expand the list of skills and techniques to be learned.

To Apply: Must apply by 4/1/2023 through the Online Application

Have the following items prepared when applying:

  1. Resume/CV
  2. What do you hope to gain by being a research assistant?
  3. Plans after graduation
  4. Why do you want to work in the McNay lab on this project?
  5. Daily availability

Project Title: NSF-IRES Track I: U.S.-Bangladesh collaboration to improve air quality-Application of low-cost sensor technologies and satellite remote sensing

Seeking: 2-3 Students

Opportunity offered by: Md. Aynul Bari, Assistant Professor Environmental & Sustainable Engineering

Faculty Email; IRES Website

Research Format: Hybrid

  • two weeks virtual

  • 7 weeks in-person (foreign site)

  • one week in-person at UAlbany

Class Year: Open to all Class Years!

Major Requirement: Environmental Engineering, Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences, Biology, Chemistry, Engineering

Course Pre-requisites: No pre-requisites

GPA Requirement: 2.7

Preferred Student Qualifications include:

  • Ability to work independently

  • Knowledge of data processing software/programming (e.g., Python, R) if preferred

Semester Available: Summer 2023

Opportunity Available for: PAID! $500/week

Student Responsibilities:

  • IRES participants will work on research projects collaborating with the foreign mentors and students. The Principal Investigator and foreign mentors will offer numerous research topics at undergraduate and graduate levels. This helps students choose their individual research topics based on their interests. The nature of proposed research activities falls under a unifying research topic i.e., improving air quality in a megacity by leveraging recent advances in low-cost sensor and remote sensing technologies. The projects will be structured in such a way that both undergraduate and graduate students can feel confident that they can complete the proposed tasks successfully in due time.

To Apply: Must apply by 1/15/2023 on the program website

  • Submit copies of transcripts (a copy of unofficial transcript is fine)

  • Upload resume

  • Provide one reference (e.g., your academic advisor). If shortlisted, we will contact for recommendation letter.

  • Provide a statement of purpose

Opportunity offered by: The Center for Women in Government & Civil Society, [email protected] / [email protected]


Related Disciplines/Keywords: Political Science, Women's Studies, Humanities, Public Administration

Research Format: Hybrid Format (in-person location Downtown Campus Draper 313A)

Preferred Class Year: Open to all class years

Preferred Major: Open to all majors

Preferred Student Qualifications: Interest in gender issues and in women's political representation. Attention to details. Ability to work as part of a team to collect and document data from websites and via direct contact with Boards and Commissions..

Semester Available: Fall 2022, and Spring 2023

Opportunity Available for: Salary/Stipend ($12/hour); Voluntary Experience

Student Responsibilities & Expectations:

  • Work as part of a national team to identify the gender and race of board and commission members in 11 states.

To Apply: Interested applicants should email their resume and (official/unofficial) transcripts to [email protected]. Shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview.

Research Assistants, 3 positions open!

Opportunity offered by: Richard  Neff, Entrepreneur-in-Residence


Research Format: Hybrid, assistants will work partially in-person (ETEC) and partially remote

Preferred Class Year: Open to all class years

Preferred Major: Open to all Majors

GPA: No pre-requisite

Course Pre-requisites: None required

Preferred Student Qualifications: Any

Semester Available: Fall 2022; Winter 2022-2023; Spring 2023

Opportunity Available for: Academic Credit (Granted through your department as Independent Study or other Research related course), Voluntary Experience

Student Responsibilities & Expectations: Research whether students from lower economic families and communities view high-growth entrepreneurship as an option, how to reach these populations and present entrepreneurship as an option to increase quality of life, curate resources available to help these students reduce the cost of stating their own business, creating strategies to launch and grow a business with little to no personal investment required.

To Apply: Interested students should email Richard Neff directly with a brief (roughly 1 paragraph) write up about their interest in entrepreneurship.

Note: The applications will remain open until the three positions are filled.

Position is open for Fall 2022, Winter 2022-2023, and Spring 2023

Position offered by Dr. Heather Sheridan for academic credit or as a volunteer


  • Student will work in hybrid format to complete their work
  • Time commitment expectation: 8 hours a week for at least two semesters
  • Student will assist in the collection of data, data analysis, designing stimuli for experiments, attending lab meeting and participating in lab discussions about journal articles and research ideas
  • No GPA or class year requirement
  • Seeking highly motivated students!

Must complete the online application