Mentorship Resources

CURCE supports faculty mentorship of undergraduate students – from longstanding, experienced mentors to instructors interested in getting started.

Resources for Mentoring Undergraduates:

Virtually Mentoring Undergraduates

Data Sets, Open Access Resources, Case Studies & More

Allen Cell Explorer

CDC Public Health Image Library


EPA Toxic Release Inventory Program

Fossilworks and Paelobiology Database

Gendered Innovations in Science, Health & Medicine, Engineering & Environment Case Studies

NASA Space Science Data Coordinated Archive

New York State Federal Reserve Economic Data

Native Case Studies: multiple disciplinary case studies

Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Data

United Nations Data

United States Census Bureau

United States Department of Energy Data

United States Government's Open Data

United States Geological Survey Data 

Mentoring Federal Work-Study Students (or other undergraduate student positions)

Tips from CURCE:

  • Set clear expectations and communicate them regularly to students.
  • Establish tasks, deadlines, and provide students with details on successful completion
    • Start small for new students to research with tasks that support the larger functions of your team
  • Provide training to students to engage them more in the research process as this is a great opportunity to prepare students for a more robust role with your research or laboratory
  • Utilize free web-based tools for work assignments like Asana
  • Engage students in your regular laboratory or project meetings