Transferability of Credits

Experience shows that UHS Program/University at Albany credits earned with a reported grade of "C" or better are accepted by a broad range of colleges and universities throughout the country, with general acceptance by state-operated institutions and community colleges within the State University of New York System*. While acceptance at other American colleges and universities is not and cannot be guaranteed, students are advised to contact the admissions offices of the schools they are particularly interested in attending to inquire about the transfer of University at Albany credits prior to enrolling in a UHS course. The decision to accept transfer credit from the University at Albany is at the discretion of the receiving institution. Students are encouraged to save their syllabi for such purposes.

Any student attending another college or university will need to have a copy of his/her official University at Albany transcript sent to the institution in question in order to have it considered for transfer credit. Complete details for ordering an official transcript can be obtained by contacting the Registrar's Office. If a student plans on attending the University at Albany after high school, a transcript does not need to be requested as it is already a permanent record at the University. Transcripts will not be accessible or released if the student has an outstanding balance or hold on his/her account.

*Courses certified as fulfilling particular General Education Requirements by any institution in the SUNY system will fulfill those requirements at any other institution in the SUNY system without the necessity of individual articulation agreements (SUNY Trustee Resolution 87-114).