UAlbany: It's Where You'll Finish! 

Transfer Communities provide a number of benefits:

  • The possibility to live with people who share your interests. There is housing set aside for each community on Alumni Quad. Simply click on the live-on campus option when you fill out your application! 
  • Making connections with faculty and staff in your major
  • Quickly meet friends and classmates
  • Built-in study groups since you are all taking some classes together
  • Having a support network of classmates, upperclassmen, faculty, TTLs (Transfer Transition Leaders), Graduate Assistants, and Residence Assistants who can help you adjust to your new surroundings and your new role as a college student from your very first day
  • The opportunity to be immersed in the field of your choice, exploring potential professions and associated majors from the very start of your academic career

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Major-Specific Transfer Communities

Business and Accounting for Transfers

  • Designed for incoming transfer students who are planning to major in business or accounting (and have been conditionally accepted into the School of Business.)
  • Students take a 1-credit transfer seminar on business and accounting with their community, and are introduced to the academic/social expectations of a career in business through co-curricular activities.  

Criminal Justice Professional Community for Transfers

  • Designed for new transfer students who are majoring in Criminal Justice or Emergency Preparedness, Homeland Security, and Cybersecurity.
  • Participate together in a class and co-curricular activities designed to prepare them for law school, graduate school and careers in related fields.

Rock Professional Community for Transfers

  • Designed for transfer students who share a passion for politics, government, and public policy.
  • Engage with similar-minded individuals, get to know faculty who specialize in this field, and learn more about University resources that you can utilize to be a successful student here.

Sociology Professional Community for Transfers

  • Designed for new transfer students who are planning to major in sociology.
  • Participate in an 8-week seminar on the resources at UAlbany and how to get involved on campus.


Transfer Communities Open To All

World of Transfer Excellence

  • Designed for new transfer students who excelled academically at their prior school (open to those who receive an invitation to join).
  • Participate in a 1-credit seminar and attend a variety of events with your community, engage in fun activities, and get exposed to campus resources which will help you make your first year at UAlbany a successful one

World of the UAlbany Transfer Experience

  • Designed for transfer students interested in living and learning with similar-minded individuals, while discovering how to become a successful student at the University.
  • Open to ALL majors who share a passion for learning about the University at Albany and how to become involved on campus.