Special Circumstances

The Principal Investigator is strongly encouraged to notify SPA and their Department Administrator and/or Chair of their intent to submit a proposal as soon as the decision is made. This prior notification is especially important in the following instances:

  • International activity, collaborators or travel
  • Large, complex programs (Program Project/Center proposals)
  • Projects involving other UAlbany departments and/or other institutions
  • Limitations on the number of institutional applicants (See Limited Submissions Policy)
  • Projects that involve controlled, secure or HIPAA data for which higher-than-standard secure data storage will be required
  • Unusual terms and conditions referenced in the funding announcement
  • Requests for deviations from Institution, School or College policies or practices (i.e. Clinical Trial Component, waiver requests)
  • New initiatives involving significant resources requiring School/Department approvals
    • New curriculum/certificate programs
    • Additional campus space, alterations/renovations to existing space, increased administrative support
    • Specialized project equipment such a drones
  • Projects involving minors/children. See Child Protection Policy and Child Protection Policy Training.
  • Any involvement of Human Subjects or Animals will require submission and approval of protocols through the Office of Research and Regulatory Compliance.