University Procedure on Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) Agreements (Draft)

Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) agreements are made between The Research Foundation for the State University of New York (on behalf of the University at Albany) and agencies of the federal government. IPA's provide for a University faculty member to undertake a temporary public service assignment with a federal agency. The assignments vary in length, but usually last anywhere from six months to three years. These assignments are beneficial to the sponsoring agency, the University faculty member, and the University. IPA's provide the sponsoring agency with a temporary infusion of technical expertise. The faculty member and University benefit by the faculty member's exposure to the workings of the agency's operations and the resultant knowledge that accrues to the faculty member and his or her colleagues.

IPA's are considered to be institutional agreements, made between the Research Foundation and the federal sponsors. Therefore, the appropriate Vice President, Dean and Chair must determine whether an IPA assignment is appropriate and feasible given other commitments that faculty have to their Department/College and to the University. The University and faculty will need to agree upon the length of the assignment and the appropriate compensation to be provided during the IPA's period of performance.

The amount of compensation to be provided to the faculty member during the IPA will be determined in consultation with the Dean and Department Chair. As a general guideline for IPA'S, the maximum allowable compensation will be the faculty member’s academic year salary plus one-third of the academic year salary, if the IPA covers 3 summer months, and additional support of 20% of the academic year salary in recognition of consulting and extra service compensation permitted during the academic year under the Agreement. The actual salary amount approved will be dependent upon agency guidelines and salary policies, as confirmed by the University's Human Resources Office. Fringe benefits will be budgeted at the current negotiated Research Foundation rate. Generally, travel and housing costs will be reimbursed directly to the faculty member by the sponsoring agency, if they are provided for in the IPA agreement.

During the IPA assignment, the faculty member will remain on the payroll of the University at Albany and his or her salary will be reimbursed to the University through the Income Fund Reimbursable (IFR) account mechanism. After the amount of compensation has been agreed upon by the Dean and the faculty member, the Office for Research will finalize arrangements with the agency. Once the IPA agreement has been reviewed and approved by the College/Unit, the Research Foundation will execute the agreement with the federal agency. Upon receipt of notification from the Office for Research that the fully executed agreement has been received from the agency, the appropriate Dean's office will send a memo to the Office for Research, advising the two IFR account numbers to which the academic year salary and the summer/extra service salary (if applicable) should be transferred and specifying the appropriate dollar amount to be transferred to each account.