Richard Lachmann

Richard Lachmann

Professor Emeritus
Department of Sociology



1983 PhD, Harvard University
1979 MA, Harvard University
1977 BA, Princeton University

Richard Lachmann


Comparative/Historical Sociology and Political Sociology

Recent Research Projects

  • The Decline of Dominant Powers: Early Modern Europe and the Contemporary United States -- This project examines the factors that cause the loss of economic and geo-political dominance by hegemonic powers, both historically and in the present-day United States. I am focusing on (1) the sources of state fiscal crises, (2) how decline effects the extent of political democracy, and (3) how geo-political and economic policies are made in dominant and declining states.
  • Media Depictions of War Casualties - Americans in the Vietnam and Iraq Wars, Israelis in the 1967 Six Day and 2006 Lebanon Wars, and Russians in the Afghan and Second Chechen Wars.

Research Interests

  • Comparative/Historical Sociology
  • Cultural Sociology
  • Economic Sociology
  • Political Sociology
  • Social Networks
  • Development/World Systems