Kaalak Reddy

Kaalak Reddy

Research Faculty; Adjunct Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences
The RNA Institute


Life Sciences 02099
Kaalak Reddy

I completed an Honours Genetics degree from Western University in London, Canada. I then completed my PhD in Molecular Genetics from the University of Toronto and the Hospital for Sick Children in Professor Christopher Pearson’s lab studying the molecular mechanisms of microsatellite expansion disorders with a focus on myotonic dystrophy and C9orf72 amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-frontotemporal dementia. Next, I undertook a 3-year postdoctoral fellowship at the MRC Human Genetics Unit of the University of Edinburgh, UK in Professor Andrew Jackson’s lab studying the role of non-canonical nucleotide incorporation into the genome in human disease. I subsequently joined Professor Andy Berglund’s lab in the Center for NeuroGenetics at the University of Florida College of Medicine as a Myotonic Dystrophy Foundation Fellow. There I focused on small-molecule screening to identify novel compounds and cellular targets that modulate RNA toxicity in myotonic dystrophy. I am currently investigating RNA dysfunction in neuromuscular disease as a research scientist at the University at Albany’s RNA Institute.

2006 – 2013 Ph.D. Molecular Genetics, University of Toronto, Hospital for Sick Children, Canada
2013 – 2016 Postdoctoral Fellow, Medical Research Council (MRC) Human Genetics Unit, University of Edinburgh, UK
2016 – 2018 Postdoctoral Associate, Center for NeuroGenetics, University of Florida – College of Medicine, USA