Honors Program

Honors in Psychology Program

The program is a research intensive sequence of courses culminating in an empirically-based senior thesis project that is conducted by the student under the supervision of a faculty member. 

Program Description

The Honors in Psychology Program is a four-semester research-intensive program of study that results in a senior thesis project. Students work closely with a psychology faculty member to complete the project in their area of specialization. Although specific projects vary, projects are empirical in nature, requiring a full APA-style research paper.

Admissions Requirements

Admissions to the Honors Program are made at the end of each academic year (e.g., Spring 2022) for admission the following academic year (i.e., Fall 2022). Minimum eligibility for the program includes:

  • Overall GPA of at least 3.30
  • Psychology GPA of at least 3.50
  • Have completed APSY 210 and APSY 211, with grades of at least an A-, before they start the Honors Program.

In addition, to these requirement, students are encouraged to have had past laboratory experiences and/or experiences working with a psychology faculty member, though this is not required.

Program of Study

The Honors in Psychology Program is a minimum of four semesters. In addition to the normal 36 required credit hours for the Psychology Major, Honors in Psychology students fulfill an additional 12 credits of the following courses:

  • APSY 399 (offered in the Fall semesters only)
  • APSY 309/310
  • APSY 499
  • APSY 499Z

In addition, students must complete an independent Honors Thesis, under the supervision of a Department of Psychology faculty member, before graduation. This thesis will be an empirical research study, written in APA format, in the area of inquiry agreed-upon by the faculty mentor and student. The thesis must be approved by (1) the student’s mentor, (2) an independent second reader, and (3) the Honors in Psychology Program Chair. Finally, students present their Honors Thesis work to the Department of Psychology as a whole at the Annual Honors in Psychology Poster Presentation Day. View example Honors in Psychology theses.

Policies and Forms

More Information and How to Apply

For more information or questions about the Honors in Psychology Program, please contact the Honors in Psychology Director Dr. Dev Dalal at [email protected].

To apply to the Honors in Psychology Program, please fill out the Honors in Psychology Program Application. Applications will be accepted from March 1 to May 31. Admissions decisions will be made shortly thereafter.