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Research Technology Services (RTS), formerly known as the Academic & Research Computing Center, provides UAlbany faculty with a wide range of technical services and resources across the entire lifecycle of their research projects. From grant initiation to completion, RTS offers researchers access to an information environment that supports computational power, high-performance computing, and mechanisms to safeguard data. Additionally, RTS assists faculty in revolutionizing the teaching of statistics and numerical methods by bringing visualization, data presentation and supporting analytics into the classroom. 

Research Computing Lifecycle Support
  • During the pre-grant process, RTS assists researchers in planning for technology resources. This includes consulting, developing impact assessments, and determining how to integrate new equipment into UAlbany's IT infrastructure
  • As research projects are initiated, RTS plays a key role in setting up, configuring, and testing new equipment. They can address technical needs in the event of physical renovations
  • Upon establishing a production environment, RTS provides ongoing support, including the management of systems and storage, consultation for software and porting, and assistance with further integration and collaboration efforts
  • As projects conclude, RTS assists with decommissioning equipment, software and IT infrastructure. They can also provide information for post-grant evaluations

Analytics and Visualization

  • Consultation on the creative use of analytics and statistics to facilitate interactive learning and developing curricular aids
  • Support is available for R, SPSS, big data environments, HADOOP, SPARK, analytical databases, and non-SQL environments
  • A data visualization lab is under development

Advanced Research and Academic Applications

  • Specialized research applications, topical editors and programming tools
  • VDI for a persistent, ubiquitous learning and research environment
  • Computational environment support, LMM, GPU, PHI
  • Advanced web-delivered learning
  • Democratized high-performance computing
  • Unified, extensible storage for Home directories
  • Interactive learning tools in support of augmented and online teaching



  • Faculty

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Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

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